Micro Fiction: AfterMath

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The sun is balmy, and the ground is scorched. The year is 2289, and the fallout is still in the atmosphere. Man and Woman walk along the wastelands of disaster. They stroll through the metropolis of the lost city. The people shield themselves with radioactive suits that reflect the fallout. A nuclear war that happened 200 years ago still affects the Earth. A man born in the year 2265 is wondering what caused the war. He and a few hundred survivors live underground, where a bomb shelter still holds. There are letters and diaries of the past humans who reside in them. He picks up a journal and reads the Diary of Neveah Heaven. It reads the year 2089. She describes how nuclear war began. He flips through the diary and it is empty. The man turns to the last page and it reads, “Political and Religious Dogma Has Destruct Us All.”

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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