Flash Fiction: From Boy to Man

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The year is 1941, and Oliver Green is about to be a senior. He just turned eighteen in the summer. Oliver has a girlfriend he plans to marry after high school. During school, Oliver hangs out with his group, and sometimes goes to the hallway with his girlfriend. On Friday nights, he takes her to the drive-in movie theaters. Oliver loves his girlfriend until the day he dies.


October passes, then November. It is December 7, and Oliver is about to ask his girlfriend to Christmas Ball. He plans on surprising her by asking her at school holding a bunch of roses. Oliver wakes up that morning and gets ready, he puts on cologne, combs his hair back, and shaves. He goes to the flower store and orders a dozen roses. Oliver is thrilled to tells her at school in front of everyone. He asks her and she yes. Oliver felt he needed to ask her more thing, rather than just a date to Christmas Ball. The school is watching, and he gets on one knee. Oliver asks her, “Will you marry me?” She cries with excitement and says. “Yes!” The entire school claps and cheer for Oliver.


Oliver goes home after school and is going to tell his family about the big news. He walks in and sees his mother sobbing in the living. Oliver becomes confused and approaches her, “Mom, what is wrong?”

She gives him a letter and the title reads Selective Services System. It says Oliver Green with his number in the message. His heart drops to the floor, and Oliver begins to hyperventilate. He can not believe it. The radio is on, and it shouts:

Extra! Extra! The United States has entered World War II! The Draft has begun, and Uncle Sam needs you! Register now!


Oliver knew that there was a war going on in Europe; he never knew the United States would want to be apart of it. He has no choice but to go to war. Oliver lasts words were “Mom, Please tell my girlfriend I love her.”

Oliver Green was about to graduate high school and start a family with his high school sweetheart. Instead, Oliver has to fight for his country and witness one of the most terrible wars in history.

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019



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