Micro Fiction: A Bad Day

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A man is driving home from a hards day of work. He stops by a liquor store to buy a 12 pack of beer. He walks into the store, and there is a sign that reads, “Cash Only.” He gets frustrated and storms out. The man gets in his car and drives to another liquor store. When he arrives, there is another sign that reads, “Cash Only.” He gets irritated and drives to an ATM. Once he goes to the machine, it reads, “Out of Order.” So, he gets back in his car and drives to a fast food resturant. He sees that there is a long wait inside and out. The poor man is starting to lose his temper.


He continues driving and sees that it is rush hour, so he becomes angrier. The man’s brain starts to boil and begins to lose his temper. He breathes in and out, trying to control himself. The traffic is moving slowly, and he is grinding his teeth. He loses control and floors his vehicle while crashing through the traffic. The man makes a free lane to get out of the traffic. A policeman sees the man’s road rage and turns on the sirens. The police shout on the intercom, “Hey! Stop the vehicle over and freeze!” The man does not comply with the officer. He is burning rubber, while forcing his vehicle into other cars. He is stuck between a truck and a van, but still doesn’t let go of the peddle. The policeman comes out of his car and opens fire. Then, four bullets hit the man in the shoulder, and his car stops. The cop approaches him and sees that the man is not moving. An irritated man having a bad day lead him to his death. Rage can take over a person’s mind and make them lose control. Anger can kill and anger…can also cause death.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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