Dark Flash Fiction: The SleepOver…

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A boy name Jeremiah Davis likes to have sleepovers at his house. His father and mother don’t mind. However, when he has sleepovers, he is a bit rude to his friends. He bosses them around and tells them what to do. Jeremiah sometimes makes his guest to sneak snacks in his room, and when he gets caught, he puts the blames it on them. Also, Jeremiah becomes over-protected of his items, especially his video game console. He likes to feel in charge of his guest. His friend Kane invites him and a few other kids to his house for a sleepover. Jeremiah agrees and is excited about the slumber party.


The night begins, and the slumber party is happening in the living room. Kane warns his friends, including Jeremiah, not to go upstairs because his parents will get upset. Once again, Jeremiah is bossing the group around. Kane tells Jeremiah to stop, but he does not listen. It is almost 12 o’clock, and the gang starts dosing off in the living room. They each fall asleep on the floor. Jeremiah becomes angry and doesn’t like to sleep on the floor because he feels like it hurts his back, so he goes upstairs.


He walks into a room and sees that there is only a bed. He rushes in and lays on the bed. Jeremiah feels so comfortable that he falls asleep. The room becomes cold and eerie, and Jeremiah wakes up at 3 o’clock in the morning. He hears a whisper coming from underneath the bed. Jeremiah thinks its one of his friends from the slumber party.


“Stop doing that guys,” Jeremiah says. The whisper keeps going, and Jeremiah becomes frightened. His heart starts to beat, and his blood turns cold. Jeremiah hears a voice.

Jeremiah, Come Play With Us. It’s Fun Here. You can boss us around…” A creepy voice said.


Jeremiah starts to cry and closes his eyes. The bed begins to shake, and lights begin to flicker. Jeremiah gets off, and a gruesome hand grabs his leg. The hand burns his skin as if fire has touched him. It slowly pulls him underneath the bed. He is fighting to get away, but there isn’t hope. Then, another hand grabs his shoulder, and another embeds its claws on his spine. All of a sudden, it quickly pulls him under. In the morning, Kane and the boys wake up and notice that Jeremiah isn’t in the livingroom. One of the boys says, “Where is Jeremiah?” Another boy says, “Who cares, he was a jerk anyways. I hope he left home where he can boss himself.” Kane doesn’t think much about it either, and they continue to enjoy the slumber party without Jeremiah. Kane smiles and whispers, “It got him.” Jeremiah was a bully during sleepovers, and he liked to be in control of other people. It looks like he pick the wrong house to be a bully.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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