Dark Flash Fiction: The Walk to School…

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A young girl is excited for the first day of school. She wakes up early and kisses her mother goodbye. The girl goes outside and walks to school. However, the little girl has schizophrenia and sometimes sees things that are not there. During her journey; she sees other children walking along the street. The little girl passes a forest and sees a man standing wearing a clown suit. She becomes frightened and runs straight to school. The next day, she tells her mother that she does not want to walk to school anymore. Her mother ignores her delusions and tells her that she has no choice but to walk. The little girl cries and begs, but there is no hope.


That morning, she goes outside and is terrified of the man in the clown suit. When she passes the forest, she sprints as fast as she can. The clown stares at her as she goes by. That night she has a dream about the clown grabbing her and dragging her to the woods. She gets up from her dream and cries in terror. The mother tells her it was a bad nightmare and to take her medicine. The girl tells her mother that a clown is watching her as she walks to school. However, her mother does not believe her. That morning the little girl is shaky and scared to go to school, so she tells her mother that she is feeling nauseous. The mother assumes she is lying and forces her to walk to school.


The little girl is anxious and walks along the sidewalk she sees other children running and jumping around the street as they pass her. Then, she walks by the forest, and she can see the clown smiling with spikey teeth. The girl tries to look away; the clown runs and grabs her. She is screaming, so the clown rips tears out her voice box from her throat. He tosses her on his back and sprints into the forest giggling while his shoes are flapping. The little girl suffered from a mental illness and tried to convince her mother that a scary clown was gazing at her as she walk to school. The little girl was telling the truth, but her mother didn’t believe her because of her condition. Years pass by, and the mother now suffers from a mental breakdown and is now schizophrenic…seeing her daughter walk to school.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019

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