Flash Fiction: Trying To Fit In

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A young teenage boy name Logan Perez is the new kid at a high school. Logan is in the 12th grade and walks alone in the halls. A group of teenage boys who claim to be group members threatens him by asking if he is gang-affiliated. Logan comes from a middle-class family and isn’t gang member material.


A few months pass by, and Logan is still a loner. So, he goes up to the gang members and tells them he wants to be apart of their group. The members laugh and say to meet them in the restroom. He goes, and this is the first initiation, so the gang members end up beating him severely. Logan is on the floor, trying to hold his tears. He sees the members leave the restroom laughing. Logan is confused whether or not he is in their gang. He approaches them holding his stomach.
“Am I in guys,” he says. The hoodlums giggle and ignore him.
“We just wanted to beat on someone, so get out of our faces,” one of the members says. Logan becomes desperate and shouts, “I’ll do anything to get in!”
The members look at each other and chuckle.
“Okay, you want to be with us you have to put in some work. Meet us here at 9 o’clock,” the member said.


It’s 9 o’clock, and Logan is at the school alone. He can see the group approach him. “Here is some spray paint. Tag the entire school.” the member said. Logan does what the gang member commands. A janitor sees Logan and calls the police. He is finally excited that he is going to be apart of a gang. When Logan finished, he searches around for his “friends.” They are nowhere to be found. The cops show up and draw their guns onto Logan. They detain him and take him to the station to fingerprinted and book him in jail. The police identified him as gang-affiliated due to the graffiti around the school and charge him with a felony. Logan is eighteen and now has vandalism charges to his name. His “friends” left him there alone. A new kid wanting to be noticed at school and chose the wrong group to be apart of. The hoodlums got away free, but Logan didn’t.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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