Micro Fiction: Showing Kindness?

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A lonely man by the name of George Mills works at a retail store in the city of Los Angeles. He struggles to pay bills and is facing eviction from his apartment. George sometimes begs his manager for more hours, and some days he gets denied. All the co-worker’s gossip behind his back because of his age. The poor man wishes he can have a better life.


One morning, he comes across a black bag full of money and becomes excited. George goes around town, giving his “friends” and random people money. He becomes so energic that he shouts, “If you need a helping hand, George has your back!” All of his co-workers go up to him and are thrill what George has found. “Thanks, pal.” An employee says. “Way to go Georgie!’ A woman shouts. While the money is flowing, George feels like he has bought the people’s love and trust with cash. The cash vanishes in an hour. It was believed that the money bag had close to $1 million. George goes home and feels like a hero. One thing George forgot to do was pay his bills that he had stacked up for about a month.


Two weeks later, George goes to work and shouts, “Good morning, friends!” Then the entire store ignores him, and his co-workers give him the cold shoulder. The manager goes up to him and says, “George, don’t scare the customers by you shouting.” George tells him, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” A customer goes up to George and says, “People only loved you when you were generous George, now they see as a regular employee at a retail store.”
Did George show act of kindness or was taken advantage? He wanted to be loved by the people, and it turns out money can’t buy friendship.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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