Micro Fiction: Janice Rollins

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Janice Rollins is the vice president of Rockafeller’s Oil Company. She is a single woman living in a city where men harass her all the time. Every man she has gone home with hasn’t been a pleasant experience for her. Janice has a superpower that can make people disappear. Whenever she feels threatened or annoyed, she looks at them and blinks three times then poof; that person is gone. Everyone fears her, and they always get out of her way.


Once, Janice was running late to work, and she blamed the taxi driver for making her tardy. So, she blinked three times, and he vanished. Another time a little child was having a tantrum at a coffee shop, and Janice got irritated. She blinked three times, and the child disappeared. She thinks the world would be better if people didn’t upset her.


One night, Janice and a co-worker were drinking wine at her place. They both got drunk, and they were enjoying the night. Janice was as drunk as a mule, but her co-worker wasn’t.
“Oh my god, Janice, you have something in your eye!” He shouts. She gets paranoid and runs to the restroom mirror. Janice rubs her eye.
“My god! It’s in both of your eyes now! Blink your eyes it’s the only way, Janice!” As drunk as she is, Janice blinks three times and poof. She made herself disappear.
Janice Rollins got a taste of her own medicine. The only way to get rid of her was with her power. The man did a favor for the city. He got rid of a woman who saw the world as a threat.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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