Flash Fiction: Long Live The King…

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Benjamin Wells and Greg Peters invent a device that can only go back in time. It was kept a secret from people, and it was in Benjamin’s attic. They still have not figured a way to travel into the future, so they have a few problems to adjust.
“Benny, you think it can work this time?” said Greg.
Greg saunters over to Benjamin smoking a cigar, “Yeah, but it only goes back, not forwards. I don’t know why? But you know it’s a one-way trip.” Greg already knew that, but Benjamin didn’t care.
Benjamin spents a few months trying to fix the gadget, but keep failing. He became so worked up with the device that he no longer shows up to work. On the other hand, Greg is a computer engineer and loves his job. He became fed up with the project and loss hope.
Greg goes to visit, Benjamin. He notices that there was a stack of newspapers laying outside his house. He opens the door and walks straight to the attic.
“Ben? Where are you?” he shouted. There is no answer. He sees that the time machine lights are on. He goes up to the device, and it reads the year 75,934. Greg is baffled that the invention finally can go into the future. His curiosity takes over him and knows the machine is a one-way trip, and there is no coming back. So, he becomes anxious and starts to think about flying cars and future technology. Greg enters the machine and pushes the button.
All of a sudden, he appears in the future, but it is not what he expected. He sees a sculpture of Benjamin and becomes confused. He wanders by the marble stone and enters a small village that looks like the stone age has come back.


“Welcome, my friend Greg?” Benjamin yells.
“Ben, what happen to you?” Greg said.
Benjamin is wearing an obsidian crown, rings made of rock and gems, Crystal necklace, and leather bracelets. Ben also has guards around him. His guards obsidian spears with and wooden armor. Greg was curious about why Ben was wearing all those fancy jewelry.
“Check this out Greg! They worship me like a God. They even made a sculpture of my image.”
Greg begins to chuckle and look at Ben’s funny jewelry.
“Ben, do you hear yourself? I mean that’s crazy talk. Tell me how the future is like?
Ben gets offended by his comment and commands his guards to restrain Greg. “Hey! What are you doing, Ben!” He screams.
Benjamin slaps Ben in the face. “You have offended me, you didn’t believe I would get the machine to work, and I don’t like to be made a fool of. So, this is my world. Human knowledge has been extinct for so many years. I am their teacher, and they depend on my knowledge. I am their King here!” Greg gets frightened by Benjamin. Power has taken over his mind, and he is the leader of a civilization that has no knowledge of the world. In fact, Ben’s machine didn’t work, it was never fixed. He travel to past where it was the beginning of human life. He is setting an example to a civilization that will later to be known as violent, hateful, greedy, and corrupted…the future

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