Have you Ever played the “Lottery?” Well Here is My Theory…

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When it comes to the lottery some people play games like the Mega Million, Power Ball, Fantasy and Daily 3 etc. As you can see, I mention the most popular game in the United States which is the Power Ball. Well, I remember one time I bought $40 worth of tickets and they were $2 each. The lottery was close to 1 billion dollars. So, I was hoping that I can hit that jackpot! But, it didn’t happen. I remember reading an article that a man spend $40,000 worth of tickets to see if he can win?! I never knew if that was true, but you have to spend money to make money right? Okay so here is my “Theory” on the lottery.

Whenever we see lottery winners they always seem to be people that have been playing for a long time. But, what if the lottery was a lie? What if the government ‘control CONTROLS’ it. What I mean by this is could it be that the government can have employees playing the lottery to get it all the money back and keep passing it around? It goes from person to person to make it seem like they win the money but in fact there is no winner or lottery. They just want people to assume that it is real. Many people buy these tickets like crazy and they never seem to win. So, think about it when you buy a ticket. Is it real or fake? Could the government just have fake people win the lottery and keep passing it on to make it look like a winner? To anyone who has ever played theses games what are your thoughts?

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