What To Do On a Hot Day in The Central Valley In California?…

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Well, where I am from, it can get pretty hot for about 4 weeks straight. The temperature range from 99-105 degrees. And being from the Valley in California there isn’t much to do here when it comes to the heat.

  1. Go to the beach

Everyone loves the beach in the summer. It’s beautiful, relaxing, the water is nice and cold! But when you are from the Central Valley, the closest beach is Pismo Beach. It is like 3 hours away from where I live, and it may not seem bad, but it can be. During the summer, Pismo Beach is CROWDED!!! I mean everyone I know goes there. It is hard to find parking! And if you do find parking, it can be like 1/2 a mile walk to the beach, and it can get boiling carrying beach bags, chairs, and a cooler. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE BEACH. But if you are where I am from, it can be a hassle.

  1. Go swimming (If you’re lucky)

Another thing is if you have a pool in the summer, consider yourself lucky in the Central Valley! Not many people have pools, and if they do, I probably don’t know who they are. But there is a big lake that is 15 minutes away from my town and just like the beach it also gets packed! The water is brown, and there is a bunch of tree branches flowing around the lake. And to make things worst many people have drowned there. So, I would think twice due to the dangers and how murky the water is.

  1. Stay indoors and let the bill pile up

Ahhh. Do you ever stand by the air conditioner and stayed there until your skin gets cold. Well, In the Central Valley it is dry, hot, and humid. And there are lots of flatlands. So, one option is to stay home and blast the A/C out of this world! You can sit on the couch and let the bill stack up, but at least you’ll be fresh.

  1. Take a shower

Hot or Cold it’s up for you to decide. Well, sometimes when you live under a swamp cooler where it is humid in the apartment, there is an option to freshen up…SHOWER! I live in an apartment that has a swamp cooler, where the sun just beats down on that machine. When it is on, it blows warm air. The bad thing about that, is that the apartment gets really hot, and we have to have a portable A/C just to bring the temperature down. So, that being said taking a cold shower can really make you fresh and chill for a little while.

  1. Go “Shopping”

This is one that my wife and I tend to do a lot. When the apartment gets really humid and hot, we say, “Let’s go to the stores and walk around.” If you are smart, you can go to the frozen section in Target or grocery store and stroll down the aisle, letting that free A/C hitting your entire body. So, in the Central Valley, there are stores where they have the A/C full blast, and you can spend an hour there and then go to another.

Overall, It’s too hot here, and today it just hit 102 degrees and we had some options for a Sunday. Enjoy Summer Followers and Friends. Remember Think, Cool! Share this advice for people who want to visit the Central Valley!

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