Flash Fiction: A Wonderful Planet

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Two human men traveled millions of light-years to a planet that is inhabited by an unknown race. The men are from the Milky Galaxy, and they are flying around the heavens to seek for peace. They both see a beautiful planet that has an atmosphere, oceans, and terrain. The human-crewed spacecraft is burning through the atmosphere of this peaceful planet, and they are excited to find a new home for their race. They crash into the ocean by a city, and they are pleased to meet the unknown race. One of the men says, “Hmm…This planet is much like ours, but it seems to be dirty and filthy.” The other man says, “Yeah, you are right, and look at the atmosphere it’s being destroyed by those machines. There is trash in the sea, and it is hot here.” They swim along the shore and walk to the city council to seek answers to this mysteries planet. They walk into the city, and one of them says, “Wow, this place has trash all over, and poverty seems to play a role here.” The other man replies, “Let me take out my device to analysis this planet.” An hour passes, and his gadget has scanned the history of the planet. “Oh my…I can’t believe my eyes…” The other man shouts, “I don’t believe this. I mean, why would they do this?” They walk towards the city council skyscraper, and a homeless man is standing outside the building, holding a sign that says, “Welcome to Earth.”
These men were in fact from the Milky Galaxy, but they were from the Norma Arm of the Galaxy. They happen to come across the Orion Spur where humans are destroying a planet called Earth. What these men saw was a history of wars and hate. They couldn’t imagine a world where civilization was on the urge of extinction. There is nothing new under the sun…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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