Flash Fiction: The Transparnet Case

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A man name Frank is a social worker in government building in the Los Angeles area. He works on the 2nd floor and is full of exhaustion. He is hates his career and can’t stand peoples problems. He has so many social cases that have to do with domestic violence, battery charges, and marriage divorces etc. He read a case where a mother left her child with the father. And the father was drugged up on PCP and ended up chopping his own child into pieces because he thought he was the devil’s child. This one frustrated Frank because he felt like it wasn’t his problem to deal with the case.


The next morning, Frank is in his office like usual and a woman come in. She states her name and her case number. Frank ignores her paper work and starts to discuss her personal life. The case lasts about a week. The woman is explaining a divorce case and is seeking help from Frank. He looks her up and down and notice that the lady has been wearing the same dress everyday and her makeup looks like it hasn’t changed. Frank asks, “Don’t you ever change your clothes?” She replies, “No sir, I am okay. I’m just here waiting.” The lady talks to him only in the morning when the sun is up because in the night he could encounter a bad awakening. “Well maybe you should Miss.” Frank is working late one night and is frustrated. He doses off for a moment. He wakes up and sees the lady standing in front of him. She smiles and says, “Hello Frank, I have been waiting for you to stay till night time. I’ve been watching you for sometime now and I was offended by your comment.” Frank jumps off his seat and backs up onto the window behind him. “Who are you! What do you want with me?” he shouts. “It wonderful down here and you’ll like it too,” as she giggles exposing her spikey teeth. Her appearance changes to the a big red skinned man with large black horns. With a deep voice, “I am here to take you away from this pain Frank. You suffered long enough. I feel you have done nothing good for this world, so I’m here to take it.” Frank begins to cry and screams with fear. The demon snatches Franks soul out of him and drags it down to hell. Frank then wakes up from his nightmare while screaming. He begans to look around and see if anyone or anything is there. He grabs his stomach and feels a sharp pain. He lifts up his shirt and sees a scar that begins from his heart to the bottom of his stomach. He hears a whisper in the air. “I have your soul now Frank, I’m ready when you are ahah!” Frank becomes dizzy and blacks out. Why did Frank need his soul if he never helped anybody…

©️ Daniel Sanchez



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