Flash Fiction: The Magic Lamp

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Three boys are walking to the mini market to buy a few icee. Tim, Joe, and Josh get their icee and walk out of the store. They see a homeless man carrying a lamp walk pass them and he tells the boys how magical it is. But in return they must give him one of their icee they bought. Josh says, “Not me.” Joe repeats, “Heck no.” Tim looks at the homeless man and to be generous he gives his slushy away. The man looks at Tim with excitement, “Thank you, young man.” Joe says, “Man, you are a dummy, why would you give your icee away man?” Tim rolls his eyes. “I felt bad for him. Now I have this stuipd lamp.”


The two boys began to tease Tim about the exchangement. Tim gets angry and throws the lamp on the floor and then white smoke starts to come out of it. All of the boys stop and look at the lamp. A genie comes out of the lamp. “Hello young men, I have made my presents known to inform you three wishes.” The boys look at each other and yell with excitement. Tim says, “Do we all get to make a wish?” The genie laughs. “Of course just three which means one for you each my boy.” The boys agree that Tim would make the first wish. Tim thinks about it in his mind and is ready. “I wish for my slushy to come back!” Tim shouts out. The genie approves his command. Josh and Joe yells, “What kind of wish is that???” A slushy appears in Timmy’s hand. “haha, whose laughing now guys? I got my slushy back.” Josh is up next and disspointed with Tim’s wish. Josh closes his eyes and wishes for something he has always wanted to try. “Genie, I wish for a Pepsi Blue!” The genie approves his command. Joe shouts, “Oh my god, not again. Why do you guys make dumbs wishes.” This is Joe’s only time to make a wish worth wild. The boys see a few policemen passing by with their sirens on. Then, Joe turns his attention to the genie. “Genie I wish for a billion dollars!” The genie smiles and says, “In what currency would you like this billion dollars?” Joe says, “Dollar bills and make it $10 and $20!” The genie approves Joes command. Money bags appear in front of him. There is about 20 bags on the floor. “Okay, boys I must return to my lamp and I hope you are happy with your wishes.” The genie disappears. Then, a policeman is passing by and then hits the brakes of the car. The policeman loses control of the car and makes a U-turn. He drives up to the boys and comes out of his police car. He draws his gun on them, “Hands up! We had a robbery an hour ago and all suspects were three male and dangerously armed.” Joe, Tim, and Josh are scared and put their hands up. They are convicted of an arm robbery. Do wishes have consequences…? The old saying, be careful what you wish for…sometimes wishes are meant to be wishes and not reality.

©️ Daniel Sanchez



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