Flash Fiction: End Of The World

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The year is 2138, and there is a small group of people who survived the nuclear war and fallout somewhere in the world. There is a man roaming through a city in search of other humans. He stumbles over a wooden sign that says, “Humans Underground” He begins to look for anther sign that can lead him to the survivors. The man walks by a building that has red arrow pointing down. There is a sewer lid and he couches down to lift it up. There is a ladder for him to go down. He begans to climb down and he couldnt believe his eyes. As soon as he got to the bottom he sees a group of females right in front of him. They hug and kiss him. One of the woman shouts, “Now we can save the human race with this man!” Another yells, “Thank God. We can save humanity!” The man looks at the women and smirks with grief. One of the woman grabs him and says, “I take it from here ladies.” The man gets away from her grib and has a confession to make. “Hmmm…Ugh sorry to ‘kill’ the moment ladies but I had a vasectomy in that past…sooo…” It took one man to save the human race, but not this man…

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019



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