The day is Father’s Day, and it is an essential day for Kai. He is an 18-year-old boy who is attending college and trying to get by. Kai works at a Coffee Shop where he spends most of his time. It is Father’s Day, and Kai came out of work at 3 p.m. He drove to the mall to go into the Collector’s Shop. He strolls around the shop looking for a Michael Jordan Jersey for his father. Kai knows his father is a huge Chicago Bulls fan and he wants to surprise him. He walks around the basketball section and finds a Chicago Bulls jersey number 12 with no name on it. Kai says to the clerk, “Hey, who does this belong too.” The clerk looks at him and chuckles. “In 1990, Valentine’s Day in the Orlando Arena, someone stole an important players number in the locker room. So, he had to wear that one and believe me it’s rare to find the original. That one is a replica made in 1991.” the clerk said. Kai looked at it and sifted through the item. “How much for this jersey?” The man bites his lip and says, “It’s father’s day, so I’ll give it to you for 150 dollars.” Kai sees the man and then looks at the jersey. “I’ll buy it!” he says.
Kai is driving home, and his father is not back yet. He walks in and sees his mother in the kitchen just sitting by the table. “Hey mom, where’s my dad at?” She looks at him with a mad face. “Mom, what is wrong?” His mother tells Kai, “I’m tired of your father he is always at work!” She sobs with anger and closes her eyes. Kai’s eyes began to water, “He will come, I’m sure?” She looks at the ceiling, “I don’t care if he comes. I’m so tired of being here alone.” Kai says, “Mom, he is my dad, and he loves you a lot.” She gets up and runs to her bedroom and locks the door. She is upset because she is tired of her husband, and she is seeing another man. She has a plan that is running through her mind. Kai is worried about her behavior because she suffers from Bi-Polar Depression.
Kai’s father comes home drunk and full of excitement. He opens the door and, walks into the living room. Kai is at the table waiting for him. His father looks at him and says, “Hey, son, how are you?” Kai looks at him and says, “Dad are you drunk?” Kai’s father says, “Hell no. Is that jersey for me?” Kai smirks at the jersey and tosses it to him. “OH MY GOD! This is Michael Jordans Jersey from 1990.” Kai says, “Yeah, I got it for you, dad.” His father begins to cry with happiness. Kai’s mother comes out of the room and tells her husband a happy father’s day baby. She takes out a handgun and fires five shots. Kai reacts slowly and can see that his father is not hit. He starts to breathe, and his heart begins to race. Kai looks down to his shirt sees blood all over his chest. He collapses to the floor. His father quickly grabs, and the last words that came out were, Happy Father’s Day, Dad…” His father screams while his mother giggles…


Hello, My name is Daniel Sanchez, and I am from the Central Valley in California. I am a creative writer. I went to school at San Joaquin Valley College to obtain an Associate degree in Criminal Justice. I also earned my Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies. I am pursuing my career to be a teacher. In the meantime, I like to write stories that entertain other writers. I love all kinds of genre. I want to show the world that creativity shouldn't be frowned upon. I want to inspire people to become creative writers! My goal in life is to encourage young adults to be creative and use their imagination. We shouldn't stop creativity, we should promote​ it!

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