Flash Fiction: The Tree

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The world is magical, and the Earth is painful. Many people live in poverty, and only the wealthy have control. Many die from hunger and a few die from diseases, and a lot of them die of suffering. The poor and the rich live in different ways. The poor must work and wreck their body to survive by working in manual labor forces. The rich stay home and are in charge of the people, and due to their wealth, they have servants to help them process throughout the day — a young boy named Arthur Parish who is a servant to one the wealthiest man alive. Arthur cleans the man’s mansion and yard. The wealthy person’s name is Magnus Petersburg, and he is an obnoxious, greedy, and spiteful human being. Magnus doesn’t like to pay Arthur for his services; instead, he gives him leftover food. Magnus lives in an enormous mansion with a secret garden in the back that is covered with a brick wall and has security guards and surveillance cameras that protect this garden. Arthur has always been curious about what lies behind the brick wall. One thing that triggered his curiosity was that every rich person has one of these secret gardens in their back yard.


There was a forest in the back of the town called “The Luxurious Forest,” and the poor weren’t allowed to enter it. Only the wealthy could enter and had to pay a large the city a certain amount to gain access to, which was nothing to them. It is preserved by guards with automatic weapons ready to shoot, but they usually fell asleep on their shifts. Arthur is intrigued to enter the forest, but he is scared that he will get killed or beaten to death. One time a homeless man ran inside the woods at night, and the guards chased after him and got him. They beat him to death inside the forest and burned his body as a sign to the poverty life.


Arthur is working in the Petersburg Mansion and is done with his shift. It is late out, and Arthur departed the mansion and walked along the Luxurious Forest. He notices a fat man is wearing a military suit on posting as a guard to the forest. He has a rifle and asleep. Arthur took the advantage and ran inside the forest. He saw so many beautiful flowers like Blue Roses, Asters, Berries, Solomio, and Yarrows. He walked a little further and saw a field of green leaf trees. They shine of gold and diamond. There were at least a thousand trees. Arthur approached one of the trees and saw that money was growing on it. This is the first time Arthur saw a tree that produces wealth like gold coins and diamonds. He is full of excitement and ripped a tree branch off to show the poor people. As he is walking back, a considerable fist hits him on the head, and he becomes unconscious.
Arthur wakes up in a jail cell in the Petersburg address and is chained up to a chair. He sees a guard staring at him and then Magnus walks into the room. Arthur’s head throbs and Magnus is smiling.

“You liked what you saw boy?”, Magnus chuckled.
“Yes sir, and we should give it to the poor, and they need it.” Arthur choked up.
Magnus laughs at looks at the security guard.
“You hear that Bubba, we should give these luxury trees to the public. Well, let me tell you, boy, these trees are protected by our government, and it is my job to keep them away from peasants like you. You know that every rich man and woman have these in their backyard. Imagine if every person had one of these trees, our economy would collapse and ruin our lifestyle. We need people like you to depend on us to live. That is how we get our power is from poverty. We can’t risk this excellent investment. We are the ones you need to survive and look up too.”
Arthur adds, “That is not fair! How could you do this to people! We are not animals!”
Magnus tells Arthur, “Look, kid, this is the way of life and secrets are the only way to control a society. We can not let this go out or else we will be in big trouble. So since you know too much already I am not going to kill you instead I’ll have you here for life.”
Arthur closes his eyes and says, “Prison for life is that what you mean you pathetic piece of life form.”
“Yes, you will be one of my prisoners. Also, to let you know my guards don’t like snoopers, so have a nice life boy.”
Arthur is taken to an underground prison where he spends the rest of his life to remain quiet…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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