Flash Fiction: Mother’s Day Letter

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Dear Mom,

I love you is the first thing I would like to address in this letter. I wanted to tell you how much I care about you and thankful that you gave me life. I know I haven’t been the most excellent child, but I promise one day I will make it up to you. I am writing this letter because my time may be up. I did a lot of terrible things in your life, and I wish I can take it all back. I remember when I was a child, and you use to buy me ice cream every Friday after school, and I thought that was the greatest thing ever. Now it’s all gone, and I’m stuck. I wish dad were around so we can be a complete family. I guess it’s too late for that. I pray to god hoping if he would forgive me. I just wanted to tell you that I’m innocent, and it wasn’t me who did it. I’m telling you the truth. I took the blame for someone else, and now I’m facing capital punishment. Mom, I want to let you know that you can let go now and won’t have to worry about me anymore. It is going to be mother’s day, and I’m writing this out to you before its too late. In the end, I lost my life to another person and made you suffer mom. All I can say is Happy Mother’s Day…

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