Flash Fiction: The Good Teacher

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At a banquet, there is a teacher that has been voted the best educator of the year has been rank number one educationalist in the state of California. The teacher’s name is Mrs. Cox, and she is a plump woman and wears A-line dresses during her hours at the school. She is 45 years old and has been working at a middle school as an 8th-grade teacher for almost 25 years, She works in a poverty community where hundreds of families are unemployed. Mrs. Cox can make a difference in student’s lives. She tries her best to get her top students to accomplish the school system. At award assemblies, she passes out trophies to the students who earned honor roll. Mrs. Cox only requests students who have had an outstanding record in school. However, there is one student Mrs. Cox would never forget.


A few years ago, When Mrs. Cox was 35 years old, she had a student who transferred from another school. The student’s name is Lucas. He tries his best to understand the material in her class and would struggle to learn the content. She never had a student that struggled with learning because Mrs. Cox was used to having all the smart students in her classroom. Some days, she would keep Lucas in her class where she “tutor” him, but Mrs. Cox would verbally abuse Lucas instead. She would scold him down telling him awful things and ridicule his intelligence.

“Lucas, you can’t read? Oh my god, that is embarrassing. You are stupid.” she would shout.

“Lucas you can’t understand the material! Here we go again,” as she rolled her eyes.

“I can’t believe you are in my classroom! You are not even smart! What a waste of human intelligence!” Mrs. Cox would chuckle.

Lucas didn’t achieve her classroom expectations. He failed almost every assignment, quiz, and test. Mrs. Cox was angry and didn’t want Lucas to repeat her class, so she passed him on good terms. She didn’t want to suffer another year with him. She announced to Lucas that he would never achieve anything in life and that he should give up. Lucas would never forget what Mrs. Cox told him as he processed to the next grades.


Mrs. Cox had just gotten her final award for being the best in California and ranked number one in the state is walking away from her celebration. She walks outside the memorial building and sees. A man is sitting on the floor a few yards away from her. She notices him and smiles. He is a homeless man that has on torn clothes, a greasy beanie, and muddy shoes. The man has a cart full of bottles and cans. He also has a cardboard house where he sleeps that only covers his upper torso. The man gets up, and Mrs. Cox sees his face. He had an unkempt beard and missing teeth, the man walks up to Mrs. Cox and says, “Do-o-o-o y-y-you remember me-e-e?”
Mrs. Cox looks at him and has a flashback of the little boy she scolds in eighth grade.
“Do-o-o-o yo-u-u remember what you told-d-d me-e, Mrs. Cox-x? I took your advice and look at me now.” Lucas said, about to cry.
Mrs. Cox stomach drops and looks at Lucas with a regretful stare. She holds her breath and rushed back inside the building and remembered that Lucas had a learning disability and was diagnosed with special needs. Mrs. Cox knew that he was special, but she was so caught up with her ego and reputation that she wanted to be the best educator in the state.

Lucas had a learning disability since he was a child in elementary. He was later diagnosed with special needs. It wasn’t his fault that he struggled in school. He just wanted to learn like everyone else. Instead he took Mrs. Cox’s advice and gave up on school. Lucas was taught to give up on life, but never taught how to succeed. Putting a child down can sometimes

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