Flash Fiction: Revenge? Or…

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Kyle goes to an elementary where he is bullied throughout the day. He walks around the school and is often pushed around by this bully name Joey Cash also known as “Big Joe.” Kyle was once in the hallway minding his own business and saw Big Joe standing by the water fountains. Kyle was nervous and almost peed his pants when Big Joe approached him. “Hey, where are you going little Kyle?” Big Joe said.
“Going to get some water Joey.” said the scared little boy.
Big Joe doesn’t like to be called Joey. He wants the whole school to call him by his nickname. So, Big Joe grabbed Kyle by the collar and dragged him to the trashcans where it smelled like rotten food and spoiled milk.
“Please, not today my mom just bought me these new pair of shoes!” said the terrified boy. Kyle was struggling to get free.
“I wish I had some new kicks, Kyle!” said the mean bully.
He grabbed Kyle and threw him in the trashcan. Kyle was angry and crying because he had just got new shoes. He took matters into his own hands.
The next day, Kyle had a plan in mind. He was going to get back at the bully in school. So, he came up with an idea. Kyle was going to convince the school to trash the bully Big Joe during lunch time.
It was 12:10 p.m. and the entire school were waiting for Big Joe. As he entered the cafeteria, the students became quiet. Big Joe was looking around wondering why everyone isn’t talking. He went to a table and sat down. Kyle stood up and screamed, “TRASH THE BULLY!” The entire school got their trays that were full of food and began throwing it at Big Joe. Joey was yelling at them to stop, but it was no use. He got up and slipped on the food that was on the floor. He hit his head on the corner of the table and became unconscious. Everyone stopped and saw that there was blood gushing out of his head. The lunch ladies screamed for help; the nurse and other teachers came to help Joey. He was bleeding severely, and the ambulance got to the school in less than 30 minutes. The following day, the principal announced that Joey Cash died from a concussion and doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding.
Revenge isn’t the answer, because it can only make things worse or even cause death. It is always a good thing to ask for help first rather than taking matters into your own hands.

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