Flash Fiction: The Best Mother in the World

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A woman name Ember Dabner is a disgusting mother who hates her child. She takes out all her frustration on her son. His name is William Cortez. William has a speech problem and cannot speak correctly. He says ‘wa wa’ instead of water. He says ‘fo fo’ for food. He is seven years old, and his mother hates him. She can’t stand his voice. One time, William was hungry and couldn’t say food, so his mother yelled at him and slapped William in the face.

“Talk right William or I won’t feed you! I can’t stand hearing you mumble!” shouted the lady.
“Uhhhhh…maaaaa maaaaa foooooo.” William replied.

The cruel lady was gardening one spring, and William was running around chasing butterflies. He stumbled over her plants and destroyed them. Ember yelled at him and shouted, “Hey! Watch your step you goddam kid!” and shot him with the water hoses. Another time, William had soiled his pants, and his mother humiliated him by not changing his jeans. She forced him to go to school. He went to school with a big smile showing off his macaroni necklace he made in class. William wasn’t aware that he stunk like feces. The children made fun of him as he walked around in school. Ember eats warm meals and dressed in luxury clothing. Ember has a shopping problem. Every first of the month the government would send her Williams check to help her out, but instead, she would go on a shopping spring.

One night she was so frustrated because she had no money and wanted to take her anger out on William. He was fast asleep in his room. Ember went to the kitchen and got the meat cleaver. She was giggling with hate and anger. Her eyes lit up like a clown, and her smile looked like the Joker from Batman. Ember walked towards William’s room and opened the door. She approached him laughing while swinging the meat cleaver. She wields the knife multiple times cutting her son into pieces. After the murder, she felt a sigh of relief; she had indeed murdered her son. Ember collects the fragments of William and buries them in her back yard. The next morning, Ember was happy her son was dead.

Two weeks later, her backyard started to smell like a dead dog. She hallucinated that William was still alive. Ember went into his room and saw that the closet door was shut. She opens it with a master key that she kept in her bra. Ember sees something that shadders her heart. There was pictures that William drew. Three were drawings of Ember and William outside in the backyard working on the garden. Another one, when they were in the kitchen, and the last one of him walking to school, soiled. They all had smiling faces. William thought that it was normal for his mother to treat him like that. There were also sheets of traceable letters his teacher gave him to help him write his name correctly. The last thing she saw was a mother’s day gift that he was going to surprise her with. It had a school picture of him and writing. It was a postcard that read, “The best mother in the world, love your happy son.” She instantly felt sick to her stomach. She goes to her backyard and takes out a 6-foot rope. There is a tree next to where she buried her son. Ember ties the line around a tree branch. She is standing on a chair and puts the rope around her neck. She jumps off and chokes to death next to her son.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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