Flash Fiction: The April Fools Prank

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In the Spring of 1965, the day is April 1st and children love to prank each other on that day. A crowd of teenagers named Paul, Bob, and William are playing tricks each other with April Fools pranks. During school, Paul went inside the principal’s office and got on the intercom. “Gooood Morning ladies and junkies, Today school has been canceled so get the hell out of here!” said Paul in a funny voice. Bob, on the other hand, brought a bag of worms and went inside the kitchen and threw it on the spaghetti sauce. “Oh my god!” screamed a student. “I’ve been poisoned,” yelled a boy. “I’m going to die,” shouted a girl. The students in the cafeteria vomited, and it looked like somebody got chili sauce and threw it all over the tables and chairs. William did something that no one will ever forget. He brought a BB gun to school. He wore a clown mask and pretended to be a robber. William ran inside the office and took out the BB gun. “Put your hands up, I want all your candies and your buckle of bubble gum,” he shouted while giggling. Sadly, an armed guard was standing by the administrative assistants desk on his break. He took out his firearm and shot William three times in the chest. April Fools was never the same for Paul and Bob. Pranks can sometimes go too far…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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