Flash Fiction: The Happy Hero

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There is a town called Olive Grove, where an old man has no friends. He walks alone everywhere in the city. His name is Frank Jones, and he is 74 years old. Frank believes he has a unique ability that can fool people. He is invisible because nobody pays attention to him. One time Frank went to the supermarket and greeted everyone he encountered. They all ignored him. No one ever notices him. Frank is a friendly man that has never committed a crime. He loves the town people even though they don’t acknowledge him. Frank doesn’t hate or have grudges against anybody. A child name Darcie Miller only talks to him, and nobody else does. Darcie is a 9-year-old girl who wears a white dress and white pumps. She is always with Frank, and never leaves his sight. The town is depressed because five years ago an old man saved a group of children from a burning building. And today, July 4th is the anniversary, of the heroic old man. Frank, on the other hand, is happy because on that day the people call out the old mans name. He is dressed in a black suit and has shiny black shoes. Frank is dressed up for the event. Frank and Darcie walk to the ceremony and there is a big crowd. They can see a man on a stage speaking on the microphone. The man is dressed well and has his hair slicked back. The gentleman is named Carl Williams who is the mayor of the town.

“Everyone please bow your heads, and please let us have a moment of silents for the two people who lost their lives,” The mayor shouted with sorrow. The crowd bows their head and become quiet.

A few minutes pass. They are celebrating the bravery of the old man. Darcie can see a couple sobbing because of the horrific moment that happened in their lives. She hugs them and kisses them both. Frank is smiling with joy and can see the people saying the old man’s name. They are holding candles and praying.
Five years ago, on 4th of July, it was a terrible day in Olive Grove. A group of children were playing hide and seek in the abandoned building at 6:30 p.m. On the next street over a crowd of teenagers were shooting roman candles into the air. They lit a large firework that blew up the sky. The ashes from the firework landed on the abandoned house. The house had dry leaves on the roof. Frank was taking his afternoon walk and witness the house was on fire. He ran as fast as to get the children out. They told him their friend Darcie was still inside. He went back in the burning house and found Darcie hiding in a closet he got her and went to the exit. It was too late, and the roof collapsed. They died in the fire. Darice parents go to the ceremony every year to remember thier daughter. She always sees them on the 4th of July and gives them hugs and kisses. The old man died alone. He has no family and lived by himself in a moblie home. Frank becomes happy on 4th of July because the whole town have a memorial of his courageous actions. On July 4th he is not dead anymore, but alive with his best friend, Darcie.

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