Surviving: Chapter 13

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The next morning Max wakes up on his bedroom floor. He fell off his bed during the night and has a headache that is throbbing. Max shakes his head and calls out his mother with anger. It felt like a dream to Max, but it is real. He does not hear Fernanda’s voice and yells again. The door is slightly open, and he can see a fat man peeking through the crack. Michael stands tall and tells Max, “Why the F**k are you shouting, your mom is at work still Dumba**.” Max gets up off the floor and looks at him, “She left us MotherF**ker, because of you!” Michael rolls his eyes and walks to the living room and ignores him. Max still has the 9 mm gun in his pocket and is thinking of shooting Michael. He has a vision of pulling out the gun and shooting him in the back. Max takes out the gun and holding it in his hand. He is shaking and points the gun to the door. Then, he hears pounding in the front door. Max hides behind his door and can see through the cracks. Michael goes to the door and opens it. He becomes nervous and can see that the man is a CSF member wearing a red hoodie. Michael is talking to the CSF member, and suddenly they start to argue. Max can hear the conflict. Michael says, “I paid you, the F**ken money I owe you!” The CSF member has his hands in his pockets, “No, that was only half MotherF**ker where is the rest?”

Michael starts to get scared and tells him that he will get the money by the end of the day. The thug takes his hands out of his pocket and clenches his fist. Max can see that the criminal is wearing brass knuckles. The gangster says, “Well, this is just a warning…” Then, he swings at Michaels’ chin breaking his teeth and smashing him up. Another gang member comes out of nowhere and pushes Michael to the floor. They both stomp on his ribs and face. Michael is on the floor weeping begging them to stop. One of the thugs searches through Michaels pockets and shoes to see if he has any money. They find 250 dollars in his sock. The gang member goes up to Michael’s face and flashes the cash to him and says, “Look motherf**ker you said you did not have any money. What is this then B**ch!” Michael’s face is bloody and is missing two teeth. He is full of bruises and faints. The hoodlums run out of the house and go inside a black Honda. They drive off burning car tire.

Max puts the gun in his waistband. He opens the door and looks at his father on the floor. Then, Max spits at his unconscious father and kicks him in the stomach. “You deserve that you piece of S**t. I hope next time they kill you!” said Max. He is starting to act like a thug and is having anger take over his life. It is 10:45 am, and he is late for school. At this point he does not care about school anymore; he is desperate to be apart of the industry. He lost his mother to a rich man, and his father is slowly getting himself into trouble with gang members. He goes outside and walks to the street. Max still has the 9 mm gun in his waistbands and goes straight to County Drive and looks for the hoodlum with the pointy tail. He still remembers when the CSF member pulled out a gun on him and laughed. The incident bothered Max and wanted to show them that he is not afraid anymore. The time is 11:35 a.m. and Max walks by the alley. He sees two members standing by a trash can. The alley looks messy and is full of trash, and it looks like someone dumped their garage all over the floor. The two gangsters are smoking cannabis and drinking malt liquor in a brown paper bag. One of them is wearing Chicago Bulls shorts and a white t-shirt. The other is wearing a black FUBU jersey with the number zero and grey sweats.

Max is angry at the world and walks towards them. He can see that the CSF members are under the influence of a controlled substance. “Sup boy, whatcha’ want?” the one with the basketball shorts said. The other looks at Max and starts to laugh at him and says, “Haha you look all rugged homie. What the Fk happened to you?” Max gives him a mean look and says, “Nothing motherf**ker! You got ice?” The gang member with the FUBU shirt looks at Max shoes and walks behind the trash can to get him his narcotic. The CSF gang member with the Chicago Bulls shorts takes a puff of his joint and looks at his partner. Then, the thug with the FUBU shirt says, “20 dollars fool.” Max reaches for his waistband and takes out the handgun and shoots him three times in the chest. The hoodlum with the Chicago Shorts starts to run off. Max runs after him and shoots two times in the direction of the gang member. One bullet hit him in the lung. The thug falls to the floor and yells faintly, but nobody is going to help a criminal in West Highland District. He is coughing out blood and cannot breathe. Max walks up to him and says, “My name is Max Cooper, and I roll with El Buho’s industry. Make sure you let all your F**ken gang know.” The gang member takes his last breaths staring at him and dies. Max looks at the corpse and does not have any remorse. He hides the gun in his pocket and walks to the park where Demetrius got robbed. He walks to the benches and sits by a playground. Max feels good, and he felt powerful. He loves the feeling of being a killer and a criminal. An hour later, he can see an ambulance driving by with its sirens on. Max knew where that ambulance was heading down County Drive. A 16 years-old boy who lives in poverty and his family has fallen apart is heading down the path of the criminal life. Max does not regret the murder he just did, and in fact, he can do it again if he wanted too. Max feels the gun in his pocket, and there are twelve bullets left in the magazine. He waits till dusk to pay a visit to Mr. B’s convenient store.

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