Surviving: Chapter 12

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Francisco Gomez gets up from his chair and gives Max the 9 mm handgun. Max takes the weapon from him and stuffs it in his pocket. Then, Francisco sits back down and puffs on his cigar. “When do I do this?” said Max. Francisco stares at his gold rings and says, “Tomorrow night, and you better do it or else.” Max gulps his salvia and replies, “Okay.” He turns around and opens the door. “Oh and make sure you don’t talk about this.” Max walks out and can feel the cold breeze going through his clothes. Demetrius and Anthony approach him. “Hey what did you guys talk about?” Demetrius asked. Max rolls his eyes and says, “I’ll tell you on the way home.” They walk out of the house. As soon as they are by the front door, Demetrius turns back, he wink’s at the women and licks his lips. The women blush and blow kisses to him. Anthony nods his head with disgust.

They walk down the street and begin to discuss the conversation. “Aye, what did Buho tell you, Max,” Anthony said. Max can feel the weapon in his pocket; it felt like a fat book to him. “He told me I have to put in work to get in his industry.” Demetrius becomes sad and says, “Max you don’t have to do this. What if you go to jail?” Max looks at him with a stupid look, “I don’t care anymore man, this is what I have to do to save my own ass!” Then, Demetrius’ face turns blue, “What do you have to prove? You want power? So, everybody can know you as a killer or drug dealer?” Max get angry and tells Demetrius to shut up. Anthony tells Max to calm down. Max is mad because he doesn’t like it when people tell him what is right or wrong. He lives his whole life seeing all the wrong, and that is what Max knows.

Anthony already knows what Francisco told Max. A few years back when Anthony was 8 years old, he remembers a time when Francisco’s crew member was drunk and told everyone how he got into the drug industry. Anthony recalls that the crew member had to kill a homeless man. The homeless man had a debt with El Buho. Francisco would give people their drugs, and they would have to pay him back in 6 days. This is because Francisco followed the Bible passage where God created the Heavens and Earth in 6 days and on the 7th he rested. If it was the last day and they didnt have Francisco’s money, then he would take matter into his own hands. Anthony was scared as a child, and never told anyone about that story. Max looks at him, “Mister B.” Anthony isn’t in shock because he knew that Francisco protected his convenient store. “Take him out?” said Anthony. Max grabs his pocket and says, “Shoot up the place, not kill him.” Demetrius isn’t aware of what is going on and stays quiet. They walk different directions and each individual goes home.

Max walks into the apartment and sees his mom sitting by the table with a blank face. There is complete silent in the kitchen. Max goes by the table and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Michael is not home and is out buying cocaine. “Mom, what is wrong?” Fernanda blinks twice and looks at Max, “Son, I’m leaving your father. I met a man at work who gives me attention and makes me feel beautiful.” Max eyes start to water and says, “Mom what about me? Who is going to be here for me?” Fernanda starts to cry and covers her eyes, “The man that I met, lives an hour away from this disgusting place and he wants me to go with him.”
Max begins to cry, “Mom why are you leaving me? You don’t love me anymore?” Fernanda holds his hands while tears run down her face, “Yes I do love you; it’s just your father is too much, and I can’t take this anymore. I’m depressed.” Max can see that she has a suitcase full of her belongings. He can’t believe what is going on. “Mom, can I go with you?” Fernanda turns away from Max and says, “I can’t deal with this anymore son, I’m leaving.” She gets up from the table and says, “We have been seeing each other for 6 months now, and I love him.” Max instantly becomes mad and yells, “Go with him then! I’ll be fine, and I will remember this!” She grabs her stuff and tells Max that she will visit him once in a while at a fast-food restaurant. Max begs his mother not to leave and gets on his knees. He grabs onto her leg and pulls back. She fights him off and cries out, “I can’t anymore Max. Please.”

Max cries and yells, “Please don’t leave mom! Please don’t go!” Fernanda pushes Max off her leg and runs out of the apartment. She goes into a black BMW, and the car drives off. Max runs after her and falls to his knees on the parking lot crying his heart out. Fernanda has been seeing this man for months now and met him through a friend at work. Fernanda felt loved again and appreciated. She had been waiting for a romantic moment in her life so Fernanda would meet this man at night because she didn’t want Michael or Max to find out. The beautiful woman would say she is leaving to work at midnight and would stay the night at the man’s house. She wanted happiness in her life, and she didn’t want to bring anything with her that would ruin it, so she had to leave her life behind to be with the man. Max looks up to the sky and yells, “MOM, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, AND I HOPE YOUR HAPPY!” He gets up and walks back into the apartment and thinks about what Francisco told him. Max takes out the gun and points it against his head. He thinks about killing himself, but then he doesn’t want to die like that. Max puts the gun away and walks into his room angry. He is mad at his dad because he made his mother leave them. Max can feel the gun in pocket and thinks about what to do next.

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