Surviving: Chapter 11

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The night is late, and they can hear sirens that sound far away. Max and Francisco are in the room staring at each other. Demetrius and Anthony are waiting in the living room sitting on the couch. Demetrius still can’t get over the fact how attractive the women look. Anthony is thinking about what is Francisco telling Max. He knew that Francisco meant business and no one better cross him unless they want to end up dead. Demtrius starts to mutter to Anthony, “AG, I am concern about all of this. I don’t think Max should get involved with this type of S**t?” Anthony rolls his eyes and says, “It’s up to Max man, he wants to do this, and no one is going to stop him.” Demetrius looks down to the floor and can see white powder, “I guess, I mean you think he wants to kill these guys who jumped his mom?” Anthony has a serious expression and says, “F**k I don’t know about killing them, but I would want payback if they hurt my mom man. Wouldn’t you?” Demetrius says, “Yeah, I would, but I don’t want to go to jail for murder.” Anthony turns to the window in front of him and doesn’t say a thing to Demetrius.
Max is nervous and is looking at Francisco’s knuckles that shine as if it was the sun. Francisco goes through his desk drawer and takes out a huge cigar. He lights it with a match and takes in three puffs. He looks at Max and says, “Okay, what do you have to offer me, kid?” Max’s mind becomes blank, and the only words that come out of his head are revenge. He tells Francisco, “I want in. I want to be a member like you.” Francisco’s eyes become huge, and he giggles, “You think it’s that easy huh? You see the money, jewelry, and fancy cars. You want to be apart of my industry…” Max shouts, “Yes. I want this.”

Francisco puts his cigar on the ashtray. He gets up from his desk and goes towards a painting that is on the wall. He takes off the canvas, and there is a safe the size of a shoe box. He opens the safe and Max can see stacks of money in it and gold bars. Francisco takes out a 9mm handgun and shows it to Max. He says, “Have you ever seen a gun in your life, Max?” Max gets frightened and starts to sweat, “Yeah I have seen one before.” Francisco chuckles and points it at Max, “How about now Max.” Max’s hearts start to pump rapidly, “YES! People have pointed a gun at me before too.” Francisco walks back to his desk and puts the gun on top of it. He sits on his chair and leans back. He takes his cigar and inhales it once. Francisco tells Max, “You see all these people on my turf? They didn’t get jumped in like these low-class gangbangers. They had to put in work to be a part of this.” Max nods his head and says, “What are you trying to say, I have to kill someone to get into your gang?” Francisco gets angry and yells, “THIS ISN’T A F**KEN GANG KID! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!” Max looks at him in the eyes and says, “Okay so what do I have to do then?” Francisco gets the gun and holds it, “If you want me to help you, Max, you have to do something for me first.” Max crunches his fist and doesn’t say a thing. Francisco tells Max, “Do you understand, yes or no?” Max puts his hands in his pockets, “Yes.”

Demetrius is sitting down, and he tells Anthony, “Dude I have to go to the bathroom. Where is it at?” The guy with the AR-15 tells him in a deep voice, “Outside.” Demetrius turns and looks at the man and says, “Okay…Can I take the backdoor?” The big man doesn’t say a thing and walks to the other side of the room. Anthony tells him, “Just go outside man and hurry up because I don’t want to be alone in here.” Demetrius gets up and walks to the back door and goes outside. He can see that it was very dark and the porch is full of spiderwebs. He can see an alleyway behind the house. Demetrius also sees a shack and walks towards it. He does his business by the shed. While he is relieving himself, a giant black cat jumps out of the shed. He falls back and screams. The cat runs off towards the alley. Demetrius gets up and can see that he peed on his pants. He mumbles, “Stupid cat! I hate those Fken things!” Demetrius peeps inside the shed and can see marijuana packages wrapped up. He immediately starts to think about how much money is worth it. Demetrius opens the package and stuffs some in his pocket. He says, “H*ll yeah this is for later.” and walks back to the porch and can hear Max and Francisco chatting. He grabs his hair and shakes his head. He couldn’t believe what Max was saying. Demetrius starts to fear him. Then, a thug comes out of the house to smoke a cigarette and tells Demetrius, “Hey get your A** in the house boy!” He jumps up and goes inside the house. Demetrius sits next to Anthony and tells him what he heard. Anthony supports Max’s decision and Demetrius disagrees.

Francisco tells Max, “Okay. There is an old man that owes me money, and he has been dodging me for a while. He is never there when my guys show up. So, I’m asking you to…” Max squints his eyes and says, “Kill him?” Francisco fixes his collar shirt and says, “No, maybe shoot up the place. It will let him know that I mean business.” Max says, “I don’t think I can do that Francisco.” Then El Buho brides him, “If you do this I’ll let you in my industry, and you’ll have a nice car, nice jewelry and lots of money.”
Max thinks twice and says, “It’s not me though, I’m only 16 years old.” Francisco shakes his head, “You know I did this once when I was around your age and look at me now. I have power!” he looks at Max’s scars on his face and also adds, “You will not be messed with, and you’ll be a part of my family. You will be untouchable.” Max starts to have flashbacks about all the times the rival gang members beat him. He agrees to do it. Max says, “Who is this old man then?” Francisco replies, “Bernard Li.”

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