Surviving: Chapter 10

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Max is walking with his friends to Bury Street. The sun is going down and the night is about to begin. As they are walking Demetrius becomes nervous and says, “Hey guys, are you sure we should be doing this?” Anthony looks at him with a serious look, “Yeah, this is what Max wants, so we are doing this.” Demetrius frowns. The boys arrive on Bury, and they can see that the street is empty. Max tells Anthony, “Aye, why is it so quiet tonight.” Anthony says,” I think my cousin’s crew is laying low for a while because of the PSM members they blasted.”

Max sees that the houses on Bury were torn apart. They look like drug houses where homeless people would stay and get high. Max starts to get nervous and tells Anthony, “Hey AG do you have your .22?” Anthony lifts his shirt exposing his navel, and Max sees his weapon sticking out of his waistband. Max says, “You know how to use that AG?” Anthony gets annoyed and says, “F**k yeah I do man.” They walk and pass a house and can see two homeless men sitting on the floor in front of an abandoned house. One of the homeless men says, “Oh thank god you are here. I’ve been waiting for my fix.” Demetrius starts to have thoughts that the men are going to take his Air Jordans. Max instantly becomes confused and looks at them. Anthony puts his right hand on his belly and says, “What the F**k are you talking about man?” The homeless man doesn’t have a shirt on. The man look as if he had rub himself with motor oil and his pants are full of mud. Max looks at the man and sees that his face is full of scars. He assume he is a meth head. The old man says, “I don’t see any drug dealers out tonight, so I assume you are here to give me some.” Anthony has a puzzle look on his face, “I don’t sell S**t like that man!” The old man gets furious and demands his heroin from Anthony. Then, Anthony gets angry and pulls out his .22 pistol and points it at the dirty man. The man yells, “Don’t shoot! Please!” The other homeless man instantly gets up and runs into the house. Anthony immediately feels like he has power. Anthony yells, “Well get the F**k out of here dirty A** Motherf****r!” The man runs inside the house stumbling over some rocks and wooden boards. Max tells Anthony, “F**k man, you’re starting to become crazy or what?” Anthony puts his gun away and says, “I got stabbed Max, I’m not taking any more chances.” Demetrius looks at both of them and stays quiet. He is glad that they didn’t try to take his shoes. They arrive at Anthony’s cousin’s house, and they can see two guys outside the home. Anthony says, “Let’s go see him yo.” They approach the two men. One of them is tall and built. The man is wearing a black shirt, gold watch, smoking a cigarette and has a gold ring . The other hoodlum is skinny and is holding a 40 oz beer. He is wearing a beanie, sunglasses, and a grey sweater. Anthony goes up to them and asks, “Hey is Francisco Gomez here?” The thug with the cigarette looks at him and says, “Yeah, but who the F**k are you man?” Anthony says, “It’s me, Anthony Gomez. They call me AG Smalls?” The big scary man looks at him, “Oh yeah I heard about you G, How is your back playa?” They both do a handshake, and Anthony says, “I’m good bro, I heard they got back at that fool.” The thug chuckles and says, “Yea we drove by their set and starting blasting at them.”

The two men started to laugh. Demetrius eyes widen, “Did you guys get him?” The guy inhales the rest of his cigarette and says, “I think we did. Let me tell you something boy, when you do a drive-by there are no targets. It just shows them not to F**k with you.” The other thug takes a sip of his beer and says, “Yeah youngster, we just saw some PSM members and sprayed their hood.” The boy’s heart starts to beat rapidly, and Max says, “How did you feel shooting them?” The thug lights another cigarette and looks at Max, “When you have been putting work in the hood it becomes normal G.” Max nods his head up and down agreeing with the gangster. The two thugs let the boys inside the house. They walk in, and they see two women by a table preparing drug packages. It looks like cocaine Max thought. Max sees five thugs with AR-15 rifles standing around the entire house. The home looks old and is full of white dust. There are rats everywhere and dry rot throughout the house. The windows are hammered down with boards. Demetrius can see one of the women snorting cocaine and a thug all over her. Anthony asks the lady by the table, “Hey, is Francisco here?” She looks at him, “Yeah baby, he is in the backroom.” Anthony starts to blush and says, “Thanks.” She winks and blows a kiss to him as he walks away. Demetrius smiles and looks at Anthony, “Man she is fine! That is what I call a woman.” Anthony becomes stun and replies, “Dude she is snorting coke. Plus she kicks it here, and I’m pretty sure every guy smashed her.” Demetrius becomes disgusted and doesn’t say nothing and says, “Yeah…I never thought about that.” They walk to the back room and knock on the door. A loud voice yells, “Who the F**k is it?” Anthony says, “Hey man it’s me AG.” They can hear footsteps, and the door opens.

There stand Francisco Gomez aka ‘El Buho’ a tall man that is about 5’9” and dresses in long collar sleeves, khakis, and wears a gold chain that weighs about five pounds around his neck. He has giant gold rings with diamonds on every finger. Fransico combs his hair slick back and has on shiny dress shoes. When he talks, you can see his teeth are made of gold. He is the big boss in West Highland District. A drug lord that would kill any gang member that messed up his business.

Francisco is 45 years old. When he was younger, Francisco wanted to join PSM gang for protection. It didn’t happen because they discriminated him. Back in the day, PSM only recruited members that were 100% Mexican and from Mexico. Francisco was Chicano, so he was born in West Highland District. Francisco joined the drug business when he was 17 years old. He knew a couple of friends that were apart of the drug movement, and they got him in. Francisco had to prove himself to be apart of the drug trade in West Highland District. Francisco had to do something he will never forget. The drug lord at the time was a furious thug. He didn’t like ‘no’ for an answer. So, one time a man owed the drug lord ten thousand dollars. Francisco was told to go inside the man’s residences and kill everyone in the house. He agreed to do it. Francisco and two other men broke into the home one night and had on ski masks with Uzis. Francisco was scared. The only thing he can remember is pulling the trigger and spraying the house. When it was over, he wanted to cry because he can hear children screaming in the rooms. It wasn’t the first or last time for Francisco. The drug dealers used to call him ‘El Buho” because Francisco did so many hits at night. He did time in prison for possession of narcotics, home invasion, battery, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, and the list goes on except for murder. Then, a few years passed and Francisco became a drug lord in West Highland District.

Francisco grabs Anthony and gives him a hug and says, “How are you doing cuz? Are you alright?” Anthony says, “Yea Buho I’m good.” Francisco whispers to Anthony’s ear, “We got them back cuz, so nobody is going to F**k with you anymore.” Then, Anthony introduces his friends to him. They walk to his desk. Francisco sits on his chair and puts his feet on his desk. Max says, “I need your help. I’m asking for a favor.” He laughs at Max, “You are asking me for a favor? I don’t who you are.” Max gets irritated and says, “Hey my mom was beated up and robbed by CSF members man. I want retaliation.” Franscisco becomes serious and says, “You want to be apart of my empire son? You want to do bad things and get respect?” Demetrius interrupts the conversation and tells Max, “Yo this ain’t worth it bruh are you sure you want to do this? Think about your family.” Max ignores him and tells Francisco, “You know what, my life sucks. My mom works all the time and gets beaten in the streets and home. My dad is a F****n crack head that is a piece of S**t, and everyone is always F***ken punking me around. I hate this world.” Francisco looks at his knuckles, “Okay…I know how you feel kid. I was in the same situation as you. You want revenge right?” Max says, “Yes I do.” Francisco tells him, “You know it’s not easy being apart of the drug industry?” Then, he tells Demetrius and Anthony to leave the room. Francisco crosses his arms and looks at Max and says, “So what do you want to talk about?”

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