Surviving: Chapter 9

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After school, Max goes up to Demetrius and tells him that Eli was involved in the incident that happened to Anthony. Demetrius confronts Max, “Let’s F**k this bastard up.” Max agrees with him and says, “Yeah. Meet me at Mr. B’s store at 4.” They both walk home. Max walks into his house and can see his father sleeping on the couch. He looks around the house and sees dishes all over the living room. There are cockroaches all over the floor. Max goes straight to his room and lays down on the bed. Someone knocks on his door. Max says, “Who is it?” A soft voice calls him, “It’s your mother, Maximilian. Can I come in son?” He lets her in his room. She says to Max, “Where were you last night?” Max sits up from his bed and says, “I stayed at Demetrius house. It was late, and I didn’t want to get robbed or killed,” Fernanda walks towards Max and sits down on the bed, “Oh no. Don’t say that Maximilian.” Max looks at her worn-out shoes, “I’m sorry.” She sighs with a frown and tells him, “Maximilian, this morning while I was at work a co-worker told me that a bunch of hoodlums beat and murdered a policeman.”

Max was wondering if it was Sergeant Smith that was killed. Fernanda puts her hand over her heart and says, “His name was Williams. He was a new policeman.” Max gets sick to his stomach and becomes dizzy. In his mind, he assumed that Sergeant Smith had something to do with it because Smith was afraid that Williams will tell the department what happened. Fernanda looks up at the ceiling, “I am worried for you Max, the criminals don’t care anymore. They will kill anybody.” Max hugs his mom and says, “Mom you need to be careful. Don’t trust any policeman in West Highland District. Please don’t walk alone.” She kisses Max on the cheek and says, “I know Max. Nobody cares about us because of where we live.” She gets up and walks out of Max’s room.

It’s 4:30 p.m. Max gets out of his room and walks to the kitchen. He sees his mom making beans and gets a bowl. Max sits on a chair by the table and starts to eat. Michael gets up from the couch and says, “I’m going to the store, I’ll be back.” Michael wobbles to the door and leaves. Fernanda looks at Max with an unhappy look. Fernanda doesn’t get much attention from Michael. Fernanda still loves him and dreams that one day he will change, so she still waits. Max finishes his meal and walks out the door. Fernanda says, “Maximilian, please be careful.” Max looks at her and walks out the door. He walks to Bernard store and can see Demetrius drinking a blue sports drink. Demetrius goes up to Max and says, “Aye, Anthony is out of the hospital. Let’s go tell him what’s up.”

Max says, “H**l yeah, let’s go over there right now.” Anthony house wasn’t that far from Bernard’s convenient store. He lives on High Street where drug activity happened, but stopped. There would be hustlers standing on the sidewalk selling dope. They go to High Street and walk over a dry puddle of dry blood that had stained the concrete. Max can remember a year ago, Anthony told him he was outside his house and witnessed a murder. A homeless woman kept bugging a drug dealer that she needed methamphetamine, and she didn’t have any money. She even offered herself to the dealer.

The hoodlum got annoyed and shot her three times in the chest. The sad part was the thug also kicked her twice in the face while she was dead. Demetrius and Max go up to Anthony’s house and knock on the door. A big woman answers the door and shouts, “What the F**k do you want?” Max steps back and says, “Is Anthony home?” The big woman looks at Max up and down, “Yes, but you can’t see him because he almost died.” Anthony comes up to the door behind the woman and says, “Mom it’s cool there my friends.” She rolls her eyes and walks to the kitchen. The teenage boys talk in the front of the house. Anthony says, “What’s up guys. I came out this morning, and I feel a little sore, but I’m cool.” Max says, “Aye AG, I need to tell you, that some S**t went down at school today.” Max tells Anthony the situation.

Anthony gets mad and says, “I know who that punkA** is. I see him all the time in the park. He’s a wannabe. That guy ain’t no PSM. He just kicks it with them.” Demetrius looks at Anthony and says, “The park that I got jacked at?” Anthony replies, “Yea, man.” Demetrius hates that park because he thinks that he is going to get robbed again. Max says, “I want to F**k this guy up man.” Anthony tells Max, “Nah, you roughed him up already, and he is just a punk B***h. Eli didn’t stab me anyways.” Max nods his head and says, “He was the one who jumped us, don’t you want to do something about it.” Demetrius agrees with Max. Anthony closes the front door so his mother won’t hear them. Anthony crosses his arms and says, “I heard that my cousin from Bury already put a ‘hit’ on that motherf****r who stabbed me.” Max and Demetrius instantly become quiet. Anthony pushes Max’s arm and says, “You still want to go see my cousin, so you can get back at those CSF punks.” Demetrius says, “I’ll go if you still want to Max.” Max looks at Demetrius then looks at Anthony and says, “F**k yeah, I do.” Anthony tells them to hold up. He goes into his room and walks by his bed. He goes through his drawer and gets his 22. ACP pistol. He shoves it between his waistband and covers it with his shirt. He walks outside the front door and tells Max, “I’m heated right now, so if S**t goes down, we got protection.” The three boys walk again to Bury Street. Max is desperate for revenge and things keep getting in the way, but this time it’s for real.

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