Surviving: Chapter 8

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Max and Demetrius are walking home, and it is pitch black in the streets. They hear the policeman drive off as if they were in a hurry. Demetrius lives two blocks from Baker Street. Max coughs while holding his stomach and says, “Hey that was some F**k up S**t that happen back there.” Demetrius is walking unevenly in pain, “Yeah, F**k those pigs. I hate them!” They walk a couple of blocks and get to Demetrius house. Max can see that his home wasn’t so different from his. Demetrius lives with his mother and little sister. He never talks about his father because he passed away from bone cancer when Demetrius was a young child. Demetrius mom still can’t get over the fact that she lost her husband. The time was 10 o’clock, and they walk into the house. It is quiet, and everyone is sleeping. Max can see mice and cockroaches around Demetrius house. It had a musty smell. They creep to his room. Max sits on a chair. Demetrius says, “Hey you can crash on the floor tonight, man.”

Max looks at his floor and says, “Yeah its too crazy to walk all the way to Park Avenue.” Max was grossed out by the floor and wish he had gone home. He also knew that his father didn’t care about him. Max’s mother would worry about him when she’s at work. Demetrius mom wakes up and goes into his room and says, “Where the H**l were you at?” He stumbles over his basketball shoes and says, “Nothing, we were just hanging out.” She immediately gets angry and says, “At 10 at night Demetrius? Don’t be staying out too late because you know how this neighborhood is.” Demetrius looks at his dirty floor and replies, “Yes ma’am.” She completely ignores that fact that Max was even there. Max looks at Demetrius with an envious look, “Man I wish my parents would care about me like that.” Demetrius doesn’t say a word because he knows how Max’s lifestyle is and says, “I’m F****n tired, I’m going to sleep, bro.” Then, Max lays on the floor and falls asleep.

It is 3:50 a.m. and loud bangs are going on outside. Max instantly wakes up. Demetrius is fast asleep on his bed. There is a window in Demetrius room that faces the street. Max gets up and sees out the window he sees a cop car driving off as if they were in pursuit, but it didn’t have it’s sirens on. He figured there was a drive-by on the other side of the street. He didn’t think much of it and lays back down on the floor. It is 8:00 a.m. and Demetrius mom comes in the room and yells, “Get your A** up, it’s time for you to go to school.” Demetrius wakes up sore on one leg. Max wakes up too. Demetrius says, “You want some clothes to go to school?” Max says, “Nah man, I’m good.” They both walk outside the door, and Demetrius hears his mom screaming, “And don’t you stay out too late Demetrius!” He replies, “Yes, ma’am.” They both walk to school, but they stop at Bernard’s convenient store. They walk in and get a beverage. Sometimes when Benard was in a good mood, he would give them the drink at no charge. Bernard tells the boys, “Hey last night there was a shooting in an alley. You guys need to be careful.” Demetrius says, “Yeah Mr. B, last night we got…” Max pushed Demetrius and says, “Don’t say S**t, man.” Demetrius stops the conversation. Bernard quietly says, “I’ve been working for almost 30 years and to tell you the truth this neighborhood has gotten worse.” Max and Demetrius agree with Bernard and say, “We watch our own backs you know.” Bernard looks at them and says, “Trust no one boys. They will only destroy you.” The boys walk off and head to school.

When they get to school, Demetrius tells Max, “I can’t even play ball man because of those stupid F****n cops.” Max grabs his stomach and says, “Let’s forget about that S**t dude. Ain’t no one going to believe us.” Then they go their separate ways to class. While in school they meet up during lunch and talk. Demetrius is talking to a girl, and he exaggerates about what happened to his leg. Max rolls his eyes and doesn’t say a thing. Max tells him, “Yo, stop telling motherf****n girls about what happened.” Demetrius says, “Man, I just want the ladies to know what happened to their star.” and winks. Max nods his head and tells him, “I’m going take a leak, I’ll be right back.” Max can see one of the girls rubbing Demetrius’ leg and walks to the restrooms. He goes into a stall and does his business. Max can see all the tagging on the wall. He can see PSM graffiti. Max’ get frustrated by looking at the graffiti. He has memories of what happened to him in the locker rooms and Anthony. Max gets enraged and punches the stall door. He walks out the restroom.

A teenager bumps into Max. The boy looks like he is up to no good and tell Max, “Watch your motherf****n step B***h.” Max recalls seeing the teenager somewhere, but couldn’t remember. He is in a bad mood, and Max says, “What the F**k? F**k you man.” The teenage pushes Max against the wall. Then, Max throws his fists to his face and another to his neck. Demetrius runs in pain towards Max’s location and tackles the teenage boy to the floor. The whole school can see the fight going on and circles them. Demetrius gets back and blends in with the crowd.

Two security officers immediately break up the fight. One of them says, “Hey stop this F****n S**t!” and takes them into the principal’s office. The principal is racist against teenagers at James A. Carter High School. He doesn’t like none of them because they vandalize the entire school and neighborhood. He looks at them and tells the security, “Take them to detention. I don’t want to deal with them right now.” The two security grab Max and the teenage boy and take them into the detention room. There is a teacher in there watching over the kids who get into trouble. He is a tall man with a powerful physique. He says to Max and the teenage boy, “What’s your names?” Max replies, “Max Cooper.” The teenage boy says, “Eli Lopez.” The teacher looks at Eli and says, “Hmm… Don’t you hang out with the wannabes?” Eli looks at Max and says, “Yea they’re my homeboys, and I remember you, Max Cooper. Remember the other night.” Max becomes in shock and remembers that Eli was hanging out with the PSM that stabbed Anthony. Max says, “You are an F****n P***y for stabbing my friend.” Eli says, “That wasn’t me it was my homeboy, but what difference does it make he shouldn’t be kicking it on Bury.” The teacher yells, “Shut up boys. Don’t be bringing up stupid stuff here.” Max knew that Eli wasn’t a gangster. In order to be in PSM gang, a person has to commit a crime. Max goes and sits in a desk across from Eli, and stare at each other.

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