Surviving: Chapter 7

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The time is 8:30 p.m. Max and Demetrius are in the back seat of the police car. Sergeant Smith is driving while digging in his lunch pale and takes out a beer. He pops it open. Max can see him taking a sip. The beer looks familiar. Max recalls his father drinking the same exact beverage. Demetrius looks at Sergeant Smith and leans on Max and whispers, “Aye, this MotherF****r is drinking and driving.” Max looks at Demetrius and says, “Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this.” The policeman drives into West Highland District. Sergeant Smith looks around the neighborhood with a disgusted look on his face and says, “This F****n ‘hood’ looks like a dump. Looks like someone S**t on it. I hate how people just F**k things up.” Demetrius gets offended and tells the cop, “We don’t have a F****n choice, but to live here man.” The cop yells at Demetrius, “WAS I TALKING TO YOU, YOU SON OF A B***H!” Demetrius is tired of Sergeant Smith’s attitude and shouts, “Why the F**k are you disrespecting us, man!” Sergeant Smith looks at his rearview mirror to see them both and says, “Because people like you are filthy rats that roam the F****n streets. You are a disease to society.” Max couldn’t help but listen and says, “You don’t know S**t about West Highland District. You wouldn’t last.” Sergeant Smith laughs and says, “You know what you piece of S**t. I use to work in these streets when I was a rookie. I know everything about the little businesses you F**ks have around here.” Max sighs and looks at Demetrius. The cop says, “I control these F****n streets. I know all the drug activity going on.” Smith chuckles and says, “Gang members pay me to keep the drugs industry going.” Demetrius tells the policeman, “Your a crooked A** F****n cop!” Smith grins, “I’m a respected man in the community. Who the F**k is going to believe a couple of punks.” Then, Max tells the cop, “You are a time bomb, sooner or later they will catch you.” Then, Smith laughs, “Yeah like that one night a punk got stabbed, and I didn’t stop those PSM members. For what? They pay my bills.” Max get furious and bites his tongue, but doesn’t say anything.

Demetrius notice that they were on Baker Street. He says, “What the F**k are we doing here?” Then the police car goes into an alley. Max and Demetrius yell, “Yo, Where the F**k are you taking us?! I thought you were going to take us home!” Sergeant Smith screams, “SHUT THE F**K UP!” The car stops in the alley. Max can see another patrol car is in front of them. Sergeant Smith unbuckles his seatbelt and opens the car door. He steps out of the vehicle. Officer Williams comes out of his car; they both talk. Max tells Demetrius, “Dude these F****n cops are going to F**k us up. We need a plan.”

Demetrius looks at Max and says, “I’m going to try and make a run for it.” Then, Max looks out the window, “I think we can cut through these houses.” Sergeant Smith goes to his patrol car and opens the back door. Demetrius spits at the cop. Sergeant Smith looks at him and says, “You just F**k up, son!” He grabs Demetrius by the collar and throws him on the floor. The cop takes out his baton. He hits him on the thigh. Demetrius yells, “F**k you pig!” Then, Officer Williams sees Smith hitting Demetrius. He is having second thoughts about the situation. Sergeant Smith calls Williams, “Hey come over here and rough this punk up.” Williams goes towards Smith. Sergeant Smith goes to his vehicle and tells Max, “Get the F**k out or I’m going to get you out!” Max yells, “F**k you, you motherf****r!” Smith smiles and grabs Max by his leg. He drags him out of the police car. Max falls on the floor. Sergeant Smith kicks him in the stomach. Max becomes breathless. Demetrius is on the floor in pain. Williams looks at Demetrius and has a flashback. At first, He was committed to rough the boys up and he now he remembers something liked this happened in the past. Williams forgot how abusive his father was. He has always held him at a high standard. One time when Williams was a teenager he saw his father beat his siblings with a broom handle. The reason why was because Williams father was upset at his job. He didn’t make much money from working and always blamed his children.

Officer Williams comes back to reality. He can see Demetrius on the floor crying in pain. He has his baton on his right hand. Williams puts it away. He tells Demetrius, “Hey get the F**k out of here. I don’t want to see you around here.” Sergeant Smith can see Williams walking away. Smith yells, “HEY WHAT THE F***K ARE YOU DOING!” Officer Williams looks at Smith and says, “I can’t do this Sergeant. This is not me.” Williams goes inside his patrol car. Sergeant Smith is upset that Williams didn’t follow orders. He looks at Max and kicks him once more in the stomach and says, “Get the F**k out of here or I’ll F****n kill you next time!” Smith walks away from Max and goes towards Williams car. Max gets up while holding his stomach and walks in the direction of Demetrius. He picks up Demetrius by the arm and says, “Let’s bounce man, F**k these cops.” They walk down the alley and head home.

Officer Williams is sitting in his car. Sergeant Smith tells him, “What the F**k is a matter with you? I thought you wanted to do this motherF****r?” Williams looks at Smith, “I didn’t sign up for this S**t Sergeant. What the F**k are we doing. There just kids.” Sergeant Smith looks at him and says, “I don’t give a F**k. Those F***kers destroy our community.” Williams replies, “Yea, but not like this. We need to protect and serve. Not F**k people up.” Sergeant Smith starts to get annoyed by Williams and tells him, “You know what? let’s go. We will talk about this somewhere else.” Williams looks at Smith and says, “I won’t tell no one about this Sergeant.” Smith’s blood immediately boils and says, “I know Officer Williams.”

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  1. Thank you! Just ‘Surviving’ as best I could being Italian/Greek, Iberian Hispanic, and North African too!

    Tried to form a Diversity Group with myself but couldn’t!

    Hopeless you see!

    Too much racism, bigotry and intolerance even within me!

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