Surviving: Chapter 6

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Max and Demetrius walk into the hospital. They go to the front desk and talk to the nurse. They ask, “Hey can we go see Anthony Gomez?” The nurse looked exhausted. She glimpses at the clipboard, “Hmmm…He is on the 3rd floor, Room 213. May I ask why you boys want to see him?” Max chokes up, and Demetrius steps in and says, “He is our cousin ma’am. We just want to make sure he is okay. We are worried.” The nurse looks at him, “Okay? Take the elevator.”

Demetrius looks at Max and winks as they walk to the elevator. They go in and push the button. Demetrius says, “See man I got you, we’re F****n in.” Max looked at him, “Yea, she still would of let us in if you didn’t say that, you crazy Motherf****r.” The elevator comes to a halt. They go down the hallway and walk into room 213. The two boys see that Anthony was asleep on the bed. Max goes up to him and says, “Hey AG. It’s us, Max and Demetrius. Wake up, man?” Demetrius is behind Max scratching his head, “Dude I think he is dead?” Max gets annoyed, “D! Stop F***king around man. Straighten up, bro.”

Demetrius instantly calms down. Anthony wakes up opening his eyes slowly. He sees both of them in front of the bed. He immediately recognizes them. Anthony faintly says, “What’s up my dudes.” Max smiles, “Aye AG, how are you hanging. How’s your back?” Anthony squints his eyes because he was sore, “Yeah Coop, they sewed me up. It wasn’t that bad.” Demetrius says, “What happened AG? You got beef with PSM?” Anthony turns his attention to Demetrius, “Nah, I don’t know. When he stabbed me, that Motherf****r said something about my cousin.” Demetrius started to get anxious, “Don’t tell me that your cousin is beefing with PSM now?” Anthony looks down and sighs, “Nah, I hope not because now I have to watch my back.”

Demetrius looks up at the ceiling, “F**k man, we are F***king with gang members now, we have to watch out yo.” Max was puzzled by the whole situation. Then, Max tells Demetrius, “We need to watch out for both gangs man.” Demetrius looks at Max with a funny look, “What other gangs? There is only one in West Highland District.” Max never told Demetrius about what happened to his mother. “Not anymore, some fools from County Drive jumped my moms, and I want to get back at those MotherF****r.” Then, Demetrius says, “Dude why didn’t you say something? You know I got your back!” Max says, “I didn’t want to alarm you, bro. That is why we are here. To talk about what are we going to do.” Max looks at Anthony, “What you want to do man.” Anthony stares at the window next to him and says, “Revenge. F**k this, we can’t be walking the streets alone.” Max says, “It’s too dangerous in West Highland. We are always getting F****d up. All this bad S**t is happening to us.” Demetrius looks at both of them, “You know dudes. You guys are right. It’s time we fight back.” Max tells Anthony, “When you getting out bro?” Anthony looks at Max, “I don’t know, but when I’m out we need to meet up on Bury Street to meet my cousin. But I’m going to be ‘packing’ this time. He knows a lot of S**t about the streets.” Demetrius and Max handshake Anthony and say, “Yeah AG for sure.”

The time is 6:00 p.m and the sun is going down. The worse part is Max and Demetrius missed the last bus, and now they are stranded in Downtown. Max and Demetrius start to walk back to West Highland District. They can see all the junkies come out at night. They walk past a homeless man that is sitting on the floor. He has on a dirty sweater, ripped jeans, and has no shoes. The man had an odor of urine. The homeless man says, “Hey! I like your shoes. Give them to me!” Demetrius said, “F**k no. Back the F**k off before me and my homeboy break your mouth.” The old man is holding a large rock and threatens to throw it if Demetrius didn’t give him his shoes. The old man stands up and yells, “Give me your F****n shoes, little S**t!”

Demetrius gets in a fighting stands, and Max tells him, “Yo, let’s just go Demetrius it ain’t worth it.” Demetrius has been traumatized ever since the day at the basketball courts. He loses his temper every time someone threatens to steal his shoes. Then, the man gets closer, and Demetrius pushes the man back and punches him in the jaw. The old man falls back on the floor. Max pulls Demetrius by the shirt and yells, “What the F**k D? Let’s get the F**k out of here!” They run about a mile down the street and stop. They are both gasping for air. Max tells Demetrius, “Why the F**k did you do that man?” Demetrius is coughing and says, “Man, you already know how I feel about my shoes.” Max nods his head and says, “Yeah.” They start to walk a couple of miles. Max and Demetrius stroll through an area filled with wealthy people. They can see fancy clothing stores, luxury cars parked on the sidewalk, and jewelry stores. Max thought to himself if they had those stores in the Highland District they would be broken into and the cars would be stolen.

As they were walking, Demetrius couldn’t help but notice that the people on the sidewalk were looking at them with an ugly look. Each time they pass by someone they would be looked at them as if they were a disease. Max started to notice too. There is something that Max and Demetrius didn’t know about people with money. The rich didn’t like no outsiders in their luxury neighborhood. Then, a police officer is driving around the street making sure that it is safe. The officer stops by the sidewalk and gets off his vehicle. He calls Max and Demetrius. The officer says, “Hey, you two get over here!” He is a big and tall, middle age man, who thinks he knows everything. The thing with this cop is he always demands, respect no matter who the person is. He is the type of cop that takes the law into his own hands. The cop has on a tactical belt that has a gun, pepper spray, a baton, handcuffs, taser, and a radio that barely fit. The officer says, “You boys lost or something?” Max can see his name tag that says, Officer Smith and has three chevrons on his uniform. Max says, “No, sir we are just on our way home.” Officer Smith yells at Max, “It’s Sergeant Smith! Can’t you see? Don’t you have any F****n respect!” Max’s expression goes blank. Then, Smith chuckles while resting his arm on his holster, “You know, I like having this neighborhood clean and spotless if you know what I mean.” Demetrius and Max instantly get offended. Max says, “What you mean?”Sergeant Smith looks at Max’s demeanor, “Well can’t you see? You punks don’t belong here?” Demetrius interrupts Smith, “This is a free country! We can go wherever the F**k we want!” Smith gets furious and stares at Demetrius with an evil look, “What the F**k did you say!? Don’t you know who you are talking to son!” Demetrius stares at him back and says, “You can’t be harassing us. You are racial profiling us because of our appearance!” The cop loses his temper and says. “You know what I think you punks are gang affiliated. I think you boys have warrants!” The cop takes his gun out yells, “GET ON THE F***N GROUND YOU GANGBANGERS! YOU GUYS ARE DISTURBING THE PEACE!” Max puts his hands up and says, “You are a crooked A** Motherf****n pig!” Demetrius yells, “This punk A** cop is F****n profiling us man! He is a piece of S**t!”

The officer calls for back up on his radio. Approximately 5 minutes later a second police officer arrives on the scene. There is a big crowd looking at the commotion. Officer Smith is pointing his gun at the two boys. He calls the other officer over, “Hey, Williams come over here and search these punks. I have a feeling they have a weapon or narcotics.” Officer Williams is a rookie cop and is being trained by Smith. He is falling into the direction of street justice. Williams pats down Demetrius and finds candy bars in his pockets. Then, he searches Max and finds a pocket knife in his back pocket. Officer Smith grins, “Oh look what we have here? A weapon. I bet you were going to stab me weren’t you punk?” Max rolls his eyes and says, “No Sergeant Smith, sir.” while biting his tongue. Smith looks at him with a big smile, “You are learning your manners quickly. I like that.” Demetrius says, “Yo this is F****n illegal. We didn’t do F****n S***t!” Williams immediately grabs Demetrius and slams him on the hood of the police car. He puts handcuffs on him. Demetrius shouts, “Ahhh! These handcuffs are too tight man.” The officer grabs him by the back of his neck and throws him in the back seat. Then, officer Smith puts his firearm in his holster. He looks at Max and says, “Turn around and put your hands behind your back you son of a B***h.” Max can see that Smith was just like his father. He was mean and disrespectful. Max cooperate and give the officer a dirty look. The officer grabs Max and apprehends him. The officer walks to the car. He puts Max in the backseat slamming his head on the car door. Smith says, “Oh. My bad son, watch your head next time.” as he chuckles. Max yells, “Police brutality man!” Smith slams the door shut and says, “Shut the F**k up!” The window in the backseat is crack so air can circulate in the police car. Max can overhear the officers talking. He can acknowledge what they are saying. Officer Smith says, “What you think we should do with this little F***ks? Williams looks at the police car and says, “I didn’t like their attitude Sergeant. Should we ‘bust’ them up?” Officer Smith glees and punches Williams in the arm, “You learn fast my brother! That is what I was thinking too.” They both laugh. Officer Smith goes in the vehicle and tells the boys, “Hey I’m cutting you guys some slack. Officer Williams and I decided we are going to take you home, but I don’t want to see you guys around here again. Understood!” Max and Demetrius nod their heads, “Yeah…We live in West Highland District.” Then Officer Smith snickers, “That’s a rough neighborhood.” and looks at the dashboard. Smith pulls down his car window. Williams smirks at Smith and says, “I’ll see you on Baker Street in the alley in a soft voice.” Smith says, “Hell yeah, get your baton ready!” The two policeman drive off. Max isn’t aware about the situation and has a bad feeling about the policeman.

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