Surviving: Chapter 5

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The night is moonless and time is 9:45 p.m. Max walks into his house. His father is laying on the couch watching television. Max walks in front of the tv. Micheal shifts his head from left to right, “Get the F**k out of the way! I’m watching my Godd***n show!” Max looks at him with a disgusted face and says, “I saw you buying your F****n drugs, you junkie! I saw you on County Drive!” Mike rolls his eyes and looks up, “Why the F**k do you care? I don’t see you paying for the rent Motherf***er? This is my S**t, so get our A** to your room.”

Max gets mad and squeezes the piece of wood in his hand, “At least I was there for my mother when she got jumped by the F****n gang members that you were buying drugs off of! How the F**k can you let that happen to her you son of a B***h! Michael smirked and says, “Well I’m not going to lose my connection because of some B***h! She could have gone another way home!” Max loses his temper, “I’M GOING TO F****N KILL YOU, YOU GODD**N BASTARD!” Michael can see the wooden stick in Max’s hand and stand up from the couch with open arms, “What the F**k are you going to do little boy? You want to fight me! Then do it P***y!” Max raises the wooden stick and swings it, but Michael dodges the hit. Mike pushes Max against the wall and punches him in the eye twice. Max gets unconscious and collapses on the floor. Then, Fernanda comes in the house tired from work because she had worked a long shift. She wasn’t aware of what was going on, so she runs in the direction of both of them and yells, “Stop it, Michael! Stop beating him!” Michael gets angrier and slaps Fernanda in the face with all his strength, “This is none of your business!” She instantly falls to the ground with tears running down her cheeks. Michael gets Max by the throat and yells, “Next time bring a Godd**m F****n gun you little B***h so you can have a chance. You are a pathetic, weak little S**t.” He squeezes Max’s throat as if he was using a grip strength. Fernanda is on the floor whimpering, “Please, Michael let my son go. He is just a kid. Kill me instead. I know you don’t love me anymore.” Michael looks at Fernanda with an irritated expression, “Shut the F**k up!” He lets go of Max’s neck and goes back to his couch. He opens a can of beer and chucks so hard that he chokes with anger. Max crawls to the direction of his mother and hugs her and says, “Mom, I love you. Please don’t say that. I don’t want to lose you.” They both go to Max’s room and fall asleep on his bed. Max remembered when he was a child his mom would always sing to him. He used to love hearing her voice as a child because he believed one day, that everything would be alright, but it only got worse. They sobbed the whole night as they laid on his bed.

The next day Max wakes up with his pillow all wet. He didn’t see his mother next to him. He assumed that she left to work early. As Max puts on his worn-out clothes and walks carefully to the living room. He tip-toes by his Michael. Max can see crushed beer cans, trash, and junk food all over the floor. It looks as if a dump truck threw trash all over Max’s living room. He goes into his jeans and takes out a $20 bill. Then, he walks out the door to go to school. During school, Max is spacing out in class. He is thinking about the incident that happened last night. The bell rings, and the whole class gets up to go to lunch. Max is not hungry, so he goes to the benches where his friend’s hangout. He can see Demetrius with a sports drink on one hand and a big burrito on the other. Max can see that Demetrius pockets were full of candies. Demetrius walks up to Max and says, “What’s up, Coop? What happened to your eye dude?” Max ignores the question and sighs, “Aye, AG got stabbed last night man.” Demetrius was about to take a bite of his burrito then stops, “What the F**k? Are you serious?” Max looks at Demetrius with a solemn look, “Yeah bro, we got F****n jumped by some PSM members. They punched Anthony and started pounding on him, so I jumped in. Then one of them stabbed him.” Demetrius choked up, “Man is he alright?” Max looked at the food line and nods his head, “Yeah, he is. The ambulance took him in.” Demetrius is concerned that Anthony is in the hospital, “Let’s go see him, that’s F**k up if we don’t go.” Max adjusts his shirt, “Yea lets go see him after school. I’m down.” They both agree to go see their friend that is in the hospital.

Max and Demetrius came out of school. Demetrius says, “Max the hospital is 10 miles from West Highland?” Max replies, “Don’t worry D, I got $20 to take the transit over there.” The hospital is in downtown where all the skyscrapers are at. There is a lot of businesses around that area. As they go to the bus stop, they walk into a bus, and the driver says, “$2 for the ride boys.” Max pays for him and his friend. They sit all the way in the back of the transit. Demetrius puts on his hoodie and headphones on, “Wake me up when we get there.” The bus drives off. Max is amazed at what he sees. He passes through an area where he sees BMWs, Mercedes, and Ferraris. He never saw such a wealthy area before. Max noticed that the streets were clean and there was no graffiti on the walls. He didn’t see no hoodlums or liquor stores either. Max was surprised that it looked so peaceful. He wished he grew up in that lifestyle. Then a few miles pass, he can see big buildings that looked like giant mountains.
The driver goes into downtown. Max can see that the area wasn’t too pretty. It has a smell of sewer and smog. When the bus is about to stop, he can see homeless people on every block. They were in front of the stores and had their tents on the sidewalks. Max can picture his lifestyle was similar to the homeless peoples. He can relate to them because where Max is from it is the same way. The bus stops and Max hits Demetrius on the arm, “Wake up, we’re here.” Demetrius wakes up disturb, “Man Max, I was having a dream that I was a professional ballplayer and all the ladies were calling out my name.” Max shakes his head, “Hurry up fool. We still need to walk 2 more blocks.” They both get off and walk towards the hospital. As they are walking, they can see a homeless woman begging for money. Max can overhear her saying, “Please help me. My son is hungry.” Max had a flashback. When he was 5 years old, he and his mother were at the grocery store buying food. They were in line and had a cart full of grocery. As soon as Fernanda pulls out her wallet, she notices her money was missing. Max knew how his father was, and he would always take Fernanda’s money. Max remember she was tearing up in the cashier line and can recall her saying, “I’m sorry, but I can’t afford all this stuff. I feel so embarrassed.” Max didn’t know what was going on because he was a child. The cashier told Fernanda, “Well if you can’t afford this, then why did you get all this stuff?” in fed up voice. Fernanda replies covering her face, “I wasn’t aware my money was gone, sir. I apologize.” She walked out the door mortify as the customers watched her leave the store. Max and Demetrius walk in front of the hospital. They stop, and Demetrius says to Max, “You ready to go see our homeboy?” Max looks up at the building, “H**l yeah, We need to talk to him.”
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