Surviving: Chapter 4

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It is 8:30 p.m. in the evening and the night is full of excitement. Max and Anthony continue to walk towards the PSM hoodlums. One of the gang members is wearing a grey beanie that has letters on it that spell out PSM. The other gangster is wearing a big black jacket and has a bruise on his eyebrow and a purple lip. The thug with the beanie stands up straight and says, “Hey, what the F**k you guys doing around here?” as if he had been disrespected. Max recall seeing him in the locker room a few weeks ago. He looked like one of the members who attacked him. Max shrugged his shoulders, “We are walking to a friend house, calm down bro.” The other gang member was staring at Anthony and remembered seeing him with a drug dealer on Bury Street. The criminal with the jacket asked Anthony, “Yo, don’t you kick it with some fool on Bury?” Anthony spoke up loudly, “Yeah man! He is my cousin, we’re cool.” Little did Anthony know a few days ago the gang member with the jacket was jumped on Bury Street by a group. He was beaten because he was selling drugs on that block and it wasn’t PSM turf. The drug exchange is a big deal in West Highland District. Gang members knew not to cross each other’s territory unless they wanted to brawl or get killed.

The Street

The gang member pulls his pants up, clenches his fist, and swings at Anthony, hitting him in the jaw. Anthony fell to the floor. He looks like he was in a comatose state. Max started throwing punches at the gang member with the jacket. Then, the hoodlum with the beanie got into the melee. He jabbed at Max, hitting him in the head and body. Max instantly fell to the ground, but the gang members didn’t finish there, so they started to stomp on him. Anthony was conscious and got up. He saw Max on the floor, but he saw blurry as if he had cataracts. The thug with the jacket sees Anthony and pulls out a blade and stabs him in the back and yells into Anthony’s ear, “This is for your B***h A** cousin!” The gang members can hear shouting from a house. It was an old man with a double barrel shotgun. The old man fired one shot in the air and yelled, “HEY! GET THE F**k OUT OF HERE YOU MOTHERF****N HOODLUMS!”

The gang members sprint with fear as if they were going to be chased down by hound dogs. Max gets up and runs to Anthony. Max immediately shouts to the old man, “Call a MotherF****n ambulance! Hurry up my homeboy is bleeding to death!” The old man ran as fast as he can inside his house to call 911. Max was holding Anthony and says, “You are going to be alright AG. Just hold on. They’re coming.” Anthony clears out his throat, “Max its time we fight back. This S**t has to stop. We always get F****d up around here.” As blood gushes out of his mouth, they both hear sirens. Anthony wasn’t the type that didn’t like to fight back or get revenge. He was always busy with his rap lyrics and music. Then, the ambulance came and parked by Anthony.

Two paramedics ran out of the vehicle. One of them looked at Anthony with a disgusted look. The paramedic was fed up with gang violence that always occurred during his shift. He mumbles, “I can’t believe this S**t, this always happens when I’m on the clock. F****n BullS**t.” Max can hear bits of words coming out of the paramedic’s mouth. Then, the annoyed paramedic slowly took his time treating Anthony as if he didn’t care. They put him on a stretcher, and Anthony whispered to Max, “When I’m out of this BullS**t, meet me up later.” The ambulance drives off with the sirens screaming.

Max started to walk home. He kept thinking about why the gang member punched Anthony in the face. Max thought Anthony had done something to the PSM group. Then, Max walks on a street called County Drive which is the CSF turf. Max never noticed the street name, but now he is aware of it. He walks by the alley where he almost got killed by a CSF member. Max sees a CSF gangster associating with a large man. The fat man looks like 40 years old. He can see the mysterious man wearing a greasy hoodie, pants that have stains on them, and dirty shoes that were covered with S**t. Max couldn’t identify the man because it was pitch black. There was a light pole at the end of the alley, but it barely illuminated. It looked as if the CSF member and the dirty man were doing a drug exchange. Then, they shook hands, and the man walks away heading towards the light pole. Max couldn’t believe who he saw. He was in shock and sicken by the disgusting man. It was Michael Cooper. Mike was buying his narcotics off a hoodlum who jumped his wife. Max was enraged because his father didn’t do anything when his mom got mugged by those gang members.


Michael began walking to Park Avenue where his apartment complex is at. Max followed right behind him. He was 25 feet from Michael. He sees Michael walk in the house. Max was standing outside the apartment. He was furious and couldn’t believe his dad was buying drugs off CSF members. Max didn’t like the fact that his dad was a piece of S**t and using his disability checks to fund the criminals. Max sees a broken wooden chair on the floor. He picks up the chair leg that was the size of a ruler. It looked like a nightstick. Max walks into his house and sees his father on the couch watching television.  

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