Surviving​: Chapter 3

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The next morning Max went to school, and during lunchtime, he was with his friends. He noticed Anthony bragging about his rap lyrics to a group of girls. He looked like a fool Max thought. Demetrius was sipping on a sports drink sitting next to Max and said, “Man, we have to get the H**l out of here.” Max replied, “Yeah bro, it’s too F****n dangerous here.” They both stared at the floor with sorrow and hatred. Max said, “But I’m tired of all this S**t though D, we’re always getting punked around by the Motherf****n gangbangers!” in a pissed off voice. Demetrius looked at Max and said, “Yea boy, you’re right. But what are we going to do?” Max told him, “I don’t know, but we need a plan to get back at these fools.” Then, the bell rang, and everyone went to their classes.

High School Lunch Area

It was 3:20 p.m., Max and his friends were walking home together and decided to go into Bernard’s store to get some snacks. Bernard shouted, “Hello, my friends, what brings you guys in today?” Anthony looked at Bernard and said, “Why are you always profiling us, Mr. B?” Bernard said, “Hey man, relax. I’m just trying to greet my customers.” Anthony didn’t like Bernard because one-time he was buying a soda and Bernard accused him of stealing. Ever since then Anthony dislikes him. Max told Anthony, “Chill out dude, he is just greeting us.” Anthony looked at Max and Bernard with raging eyes. He turned and walked toward the refrigerator.

Max didn’t have any money because his mother couldn’t give him some and his dad was very greedy. So, Anthony bought Max a bag of chips and a drink. They both walked outside the store waiting for Demetrius. This is because Demetrius couldn’t decide which drink to buy. Max asked Anthony, “Yo AG, I need to talk to you about some S**t that went down.” Anthony was all ears with excitement, he couldn’t wait to hear what Max had to say. “What’s up, bro?” Max was getting enraged and clenching his fists as if he was going to throw a jab. “I need some help, My mom got jumped by a bunch of gang members, and I was wondering if you have any protection?” Anthony looked at Max with a frightened look. “Max, what the F**k you want that S**t for? You want to go to jail? Did you guys call Five-O? They will handle it Motherf****r?” Max said, “Nah man, I want revenge for my moms because they jacked her paper and jewerly.” his temper rose.

Anthony said, “Yo Max, you want to get involved in that B******t.” Max replied, “Nah man I’m just tired of getting punked around.” in a calm voice and still thinking about his revenge. Anthony looked at Max with a serious face and said, “Were they the B****es from PSM?” Max replied, “No, they are a new click that calls themselves County side families.” Anthony had a puzzled look, “Who the F**k are they? I never heard of them? Are they wannabes?” Max said, “I don’t know, but they seem to be legit.” Anthony replied, “Maybe they’re a bunch of punk B****es. They probably want to get their name out there.” Max was trying to remember the gang members faces but couldn’t recall. Max didn’t want to tell Anthony about the encounter he had the other day with one of them. Demetrius came out of the store with only one item. Max and Anthony yelled, “All that D**n time for one F****n item?” Demetrius said, “F**k you guys I need the right juice for my ball game later.” They split up and each of them walked home.

It was 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon and Max arrived at his house. He walked in and didn’t see his mother. He thought that maybe she went to work early because the orange season had just started. Max saw his dad on his recliner asleep. He hates his father because he doesn’t like to do anything in the house. He can see beer cans on the floor. Then, Max spots a white substance on his dad’s lap. He knew what it was because one time when Max was at school, he was walking towards the baseball diamond. He saw a couple snoring cocaine in the dugout. Max went to his room disappointed knowing that his dad is now a coke addict. He laid on his bed thinking about the CSF members. Max was drowsy and took a nap. It was 6:30 p.m. and he was feeling hungry. The sun was setting. He came out of his room and said to his dad, “Aye we’re out of food. Do you have money, so I can go buy a cheeseburger?” His father looked at Max and said, “H**l NO! I’m not going to give you my S**t. You have legs and arms. Go get a job Motherf****r!” Max was annoyed by his father’s attitude, and yelled back, “Well maybe if you get your A** up we wouldn’t be living in this s**t hole B***h!” Michael turned his head away and started to watch television.

Max left the house with tears in his eyes. He was mad that there was no food to eat at his home. So, Max remembered that he had to go see his friend Anthony because he still wanted to get back at the CSF members. He walks out of his house and heads to High Street. Max went through the alley and jumped the brick wall onto Anthony’s property. He knocked on knocked on the window, and there was no answer. Anthony opened the window quickly and pointed a 22. ACP Handgun at Max. Max yelled, “Hey! Yo! AG chill it’s me, Max!” as if he was bawling. Anthony was paranoid because a few years back some PSM members jumped over the brick wall and stoled Anthony’s bike and wrecked his parent’s patio.

In the back of Anthony’s House

Anthony said, “Don’t be sneaking up on me like that fool.” Max said, “Alright, AG. You’re always paranoid.” Anthony said, “Get in man.” Max jumped inside the window and fell on the floor. Max said, “Where the F**k did you get that from?” Anthony was playing Super Nintendo and said, “My cousin, he heard what happened a few years ago, so he gave me this.” Max never held a handgun before. He was thinking about what he can do with the firearm. Max gave it back to Anthony and replied, “F**k dude you are a stupid motherf****r. Then, Anthony told Max, “What do you want man?” Max replied, “Like I said earlier, I need some protection AG, you already know.” Anthony shook his head and said, “Alright then let’s go see my cousin he has some S**t he can give you.” Anthony’s cousins were not affiliated with gangs. They were affiliated with drugs and sold only in certain spots in West Highland District. Their central drug spot was on Bury Street. They had firearms and narcotics. Anthony and Max left the house. It was 8:00 p.m. in the evening and they were walking to the next block on Bury Street. While they were walking, they saw two PSM members standing on the sidewalk smoking dope. Anthony didn’t bring his gun because he used it only for home defense even though he was still a minor. Max and Anthony took a deep breath and looked at each other. Anthony told Max, “You ready for this S**t?” Max replied, “Yea man.”

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